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Keddie RR

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 7:39 pm    Post subject: Gifted Reply with quote

Thank you, for the gifted person who is installing Soundness of judgment or reason on website aimed at young people … I don’t know if there is a connection, but it seems to fit

I hope that their isn’t too much fall out on the Keddie website

Anonymous wrote:
“What’s your take?

We all have our own opinions. And hell, most of us have no clue what to think. And I’m sure some of us don’t even believe there is a “purpose”, nor do they care.

But I’m going to be blatant and tell you why I think you’re here. It’s funny, because I am a firm believer of God, or a Creator, yet the concept of what I’m about to explain is very similar to the beliefs of those who chose to only trust what they’ve seen or felt.

Cause and Effect
I told someone the meaning of life once and they looked at me like: “Tell me something I don’t know”. Yet, each day, in and out… I’d watch them live a life that was so obviously, completely unaware of everything that was going on around them.

The Question: Why are we here? What is the purpose of life?
So many people have asked it over and over while the obvious answer surrounds them day in and day out. They know the truth. They just choose not to believe it because it’s easier to pretend ignorance. Then, maybe you will at least be held “less” accountable for our negative actions. So let’s go along and pretend there is some bigger, better reason for our own existence.

We’re all here to cause a reaction. Preferably a positive one.
Your purpose in life is to cause a positive reaction.
Cause = Reaction
Cause = Reaction
Cause = Reaction
Have I said it enough?

Everything you’ve ever done and ever will do has and always will be extremely important. We’d all be much better off if we went around living and truly believing this.

I’m not claiming to be perfect.
In fact, lately I’ve been far from it.

The birth of this obsession:

I was standing in line @ Celebration Station, waiting to get a drink. And I looked over to a near table to see a short, stumpy Hispanic woman disciplining what appeared to be her son with a dark scowl on her face. When she looked up and noticed me watching her, she gave me a quick smile and a polite nod. This was obviously a lazy attempt to change my mood, assuming she could read the expression on my face as well, in my displeasure @ seeing her behave so crude to such a young person.

It worked. My mood did change. But not because seeing her smile made me happy. But because I became aware of what she was attempting to do. Then I realized how much power we all really have. We all have the capacity to make our own decisions. But we all, to a certain extent, have the ability to control other people’s thoughts. At least kind of push them in the direction that we want.

Your purpose in life is to cause a positive reaction.
If that’s not the answer you’ve been looking for, too bad….

It’s already been firmly implanted.

I’d like to know what you’ve pondered about the subject, or what you’ve heard.
Hopefully, I will learn something and be able to further develop my own views and opinions.

My thoughts on this subject have no doubt grown almost uncontrollable, even to the extent of beliving that if we can get enough people on this planet to actually do some good, that we can actually start extending the lengths of our own lifes, eventually into an eternity, creating our own heaven on earth.

I haven't read much of the bible, but to me, it seems extreemly logical that our creator expects us to do so. Or at least, he/she knows that the possibility is there.

I stomp rambling now.

On a side note: Please take notice in the fact that I did not mention George Bush once. Please consider doing the same.
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