Cigarette Update

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Cigarette Update

Postby dmac » Mon May 23, 2016 11:10 pm

Today I've discovered a many things, including this about cigarettes:

The stuff about an ashtray found "between the kitchen sink and stove" is complete bullshit which never should have been collected, mentioned in reports, etc. My spec that it was Loon sitting there on the floor smoking (or that it was made of glass and, therefore, where the bloody prints came from) is also complete BULLSHIT.

It was a clear glass ashtray found upside down atop and old rag mop- no handle, just the mop. It has nothing to do with the sink, but the counter. There was a gap of a couple inches between the stove and the counter, and both the mop-head and ashtray had fallen into the gap. THAT ASHTRAY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING.

The spec was logical. There was no logic for considering it to be evidence.

There was an empty pack of Camels, scrunched up and discarded on the bookshelf wall separating the kitchen from the living room. That puts TWO packs of Camels (one empty, one full) left by the killers within less than five feet of each other.

Another oddball thing is the 'picture on the wall' I struggled over for YEARS. Remember that?
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