Civil Rights Lawsuits

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Civil Rights Lawsuits

Postby dmac » Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:56 am

This could bankrupt Plumas, which is not my intent. It's to fuck DT, DeCrona, Stoy, etc.|

By giving Bo and Marty and Loon and Dee and Tony a pass, PCSO/DOJ/FBI effectively and intentionally fucked people they knew to be absolutely innocent.

This wasn't false prosecution, as there was ZERO intent to prosecute, but it remains willfull persecution.

Unfortunately, that carries over to Walke and the Machete cunt. Such is the paradox of limited victory.

it makes multiple civil rights lawsuits logical and impossible to impugn, as LE went out of their way to falsely claim others responsible for murders LE fully understood.

Go down like the bitch you are, DT!
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