4-11 Vision

facts surrounding the Keddie Murders, for beginners and up

4-11 Vision

Postby dmac » Thu Aug 25, 2016 3:33 am

This began around 115 am April 12.

Let's try to keep perspective to that time zone, that twilight zone.

So many talk about "today, LE could do this". Who fucking cares?

I don't mean IGNORE SCIENCE 2016, I mean ATTEND TO SCIENCE 1981.

There's enough going on in this case to impugn nearly all involved in the outset investigation. I've been told by multiple sources, for instance, Shaver was a bad cop. His report, however, is the very fucking best I've ever seen concerning the case. Hand-written, no Stoy exploitation, his document gets to the core of the crime scene on April 12 more than anything we've seen.

Shaver's earliest CS report is the best there is.

Even if he was a bad cop, he fuck-zooms over the heads he was a party to in favor of getting basic facts down STRAIGHT. This is a defenitive document on the reality of Sunday 9am.

Within, Greg admits he was awake.
Within, Jamie admits to going inside the cabin via the back stairs, and notes the 'back door was ajar'

Even if Shaver was a bad cop (he's dead), his CS report on Keddie is still the best resource you've never heard of.


The Shaver file has been online for six years. Get your boat afloat and start reading.
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