PoN, Names of Reporting Officers

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PoN, Names of Reporting Officers

Postby dmac » Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:55 pm

I cannot make this more relevant than to dedicate a thread to it.

Whenever you read a report, look twice at WHO WROTE IT. Chances are you're reading 'filtered' lies.

Read Timeline Z, A, B, B+, C-, etc. READ WHO WROTE THE REPORTS. If they involve these names, they are likely LIES


uh, do I need to list the entire roster yet leave out the few who are clean? That's a much shorter list.

Look at who these corrupt fucks interview, where they investigate, and you will see teams built to stop directions of investigation. Thomas and Crimely were not only puppeteers, but coercively active in the massive coverup. I WANT THEM DEAD. FUCKING HANGED PUBLICLY.

after a perfectly legal short Texas trial where white cops are treated like Texas niggers. Their blatant racism, not mine.
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