"Johnny and Dana Will Be Home Later"

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"Johnny and Dana Will Be Home Later"

Postby dmac » Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:43 pm

Somehow, word was around 28 that Johnny and Dana would be home later. Sheila said she heard it from Sue, Rick said Nina called and told Sue. Nina says she never called, and the last time she saw Sue was when she left her house at 6 pm Saturday. Sue also left the Meeks home close to 11:30 am, not 6pm.

    810411-1700b Walter Meeks calls the Sharps for Johnny. Sue said that Johnny was at the foster home with Dana. Stated Nina M. Approximate time: after 5:00 or 6:00 p

    810411-2045a Dale “Wade” M., Blaine G., and Phillip S. leave FRC. Phillip is drunk, so Dale drops him off at the Methodist Church where Phillip was staying. (8:45-9:00pm)

    810411-2015b Sheila returns home to get her night clothes. Sue mentioned that the boys had gone back to town, states Sheila. Sue was lying on the couch. The Barbara Mandrell show was on, and Ricky, Greg and Justin were there. <Bradley> <Brubaker>

    810411-2100a Mrs. Meeks telephoned Sue and said Johnny and Dana would be home later. Sue was wearing a towel robe.

    810411-2100c Mrs. Meeks telephoned Sue Sharp & said Johnny & Dana would be home later. Sue was wearing a towel robe. <Richard Sharp / Crim>

    810411-2100b Sue receives a call from Johnny and Dana. They would be home later, states Ricky Sharp. Approximate time: 9:00 pm. <Crim>

    810411-2200z (approx 1900-1930) Sheila goes to stay the night at 27. At home are Sue, Richard, Greg, Tina, and Justin Smartt. Sue told Sheila that John would be home later, bringing Dana to spend the night. (1db) <Sheila to Shaver>

    PoN: "Sharp, Richard: Sue's son, bed @ 2200 4/11/81 and didn't wake up, Tina was home when he went to bed, Mrs. Meeks called @ 2100 to say John and Dana would be home later, description of tool box"

'A' is a PCSO-assembled timeline that Josh bastardized and screwed. Timeline C is the true version. In it, Rick says NINA MEEKS called at 9 pm. Timeline C states Rick told this to Crim.

'B' originally was another chop-shop timeline muffed by Josh, but Aus and I salvaged it years ago from photos Josh surreptitiously took inside PCSO HQ. It's now actually as close a transcription as we're likely to see of timeline PCSO had wrapped on the walls of the Keddie Room, but I noticed a couple errors today.

Here's the gist:

All of this kinda lines up for Sue actually getting that phone call saying J&D were on their way home. If that call, in fact, came from Mama Meeks (as best recorded, that's Rick's immediate recollection), it flies in the face of her denials of ever calling Sue that night. Nina has said the last time she heard Sue's voice was when she left the Meeks home at 6 pm straight up. However, everything else says Sue was last seen at the Meeks around 11 am Sat. Even Nina apparently told LE Walter had called Sue at 28 around 5 pm.

How could Mama know Johnny and Dana were on their way home, if she made that call? Well, this takes to heart the fairly obvious fact many of the times recollected are off, but here's a for-instance: On the way back from the dance, Wade drove past where J&D were hitching, dropped Phil off at the church, and went home, then went to the apt behind his house and played cards. That's only one way Nina may have learned.

Sure, J&D were seen by many others familiar to the Meeks. Why would the info get back to her, and why would she relay it back to Sue? I don't know, but too many people inside 28 say they learned from a phone call (from Nina) that J&D were headed home. And Timeline B offers up the idea Sheila did NOT know that UNTIL she came back to get her night clothes.
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