Roger Ebert, Bo, and Maggots.

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Roger Ebert, Bo, and Maggots.

Postby dmac » Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:37 am

In some long-lost post, I was discussing the history of the tenement building on Chicago's North St. where Bo spent the biggest chunk of his childhood (it's across the street from the present Second City compound). It's where Bo earned the 'Brudzie' nickname from the largely-Polish immigrant population. It means 'dirt' or 'filth' in Polish. Looks like they pegged this bitch at a very early age.

As I said, the building had a long history as a tenement, and Bo was cramped into the apartment with his sis, mom, dad (before he died after a stretch in prison for DRUGS), his aunt, and her husband. On the west northwest corner of the building was a long-standing Irish bar (O'Roukes, off the top of my head).

Beginning in the 60s, it was a hang-out for press and stars. Roger Ebert named it as his joint of preference, often closing the place down. He'd walk home, as he lived nearby. He'd interview stars there, and hang out with other press friends, authors, artists, poets, and other assorted scum. I thought this was in the 70s, but just learned it was the 60s, as he joined AA around 1980.

Earlier this evening, I watched the docu about Ebert's life, illness, and death, called 'Life Itself'. In the film, they show several stills and film clips from 60s-70s inide and round that building, and tales are told. One of them was about a tenant above the bar who died, and nobody knew about it until maggots started dropping through the above floorboards into the bar. That tells you alot of what that place was about.

The DVD is worth watching for glimpses inside the building alone, but it's a fantastic documentary for far better reasons.

You don't have to be a fan of Ebert's work, or even of movies, but it's an incredible document of a life well-lived. Very honest and touching.

Plus it's got a few of the 'Siskel and Ebert' outtakes I found on YT years back, laughed at until I cried. Hilarious stuff, from them really going at each others' throats to them making each other laugh with the trading of withering insults. I found a copy at my library, and I recommend you look for it, too.
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Re: Roger Ebert, Bo, and Maggots.

Postby Carriebritt41 » Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:24 am

I"m going to check on you tube. I want to watch, Thanks! Hey DMAC, I just read " Bloodstains by Jeff Mudgett" I highly recommend this book. If anyone gets a chance to read It is worth few dollars.
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