coming up on 30 years

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coming up on 30 years

Postby dmac » Sat Jul 01, 2017 3:24 pm

Man, I'm about to give one of the most profound rambles of my time on this case. Grab a beer and some leather gloves, because you need to both hold on tight and relax.

About 30 nods bak, crap cops brought two rolls of film into my 1-hour photo business. They didn't tell anyone they handed off prime evidence, crime scene photos. The real deal. I've seen the news reports and the newspaper recreations, and they're all based on very basic lies about where and how this murder went down.

I'm the only one in the place that saw that shit. I developed the rolls and printed them. I OKAYED the prints and packaged them for the cunts wearing badges.

It affected me, I believe, to the point I had to unfuck the Keddie case. Those photos are horrific. I do believe my seeing them directly led to me becoming active in the Keddie case. I couldn't pussy off anymore, I had to do SOMETHING.

I know the public is being lied to about where and how this murder went down. I know that from what I saw and will not forget.

Similar to Keddie, LE have lied for decades about what happened. In this case, it's not a coverup but a hide. Only the killer, LE, and idiots like me, know key facts they're hiding.

This was not anonymous, it was planned. It easily may have begun the prior evening. Who was at her table that night? Who was watching, listening as she mentioned her plans for Saturday?

What it comes down to is if I'm going to be a knob and continue ignoring what I know and suspect. Will local LE accept me on my own merit, that I know the crime scene and how exactly she was murdered because knob jackasses back in the day gave me free reign with the crime scene photos? That I know other weapons were used? That the location of the murder is far different from the one they proffer to media?

This girl was my age and came to this community for an education. Instead, she was stalked and murdered. I can't ignore her any longer.

I'm going after it, and <not> sorry if it slows down my Keddie work.

Here's something: I just redid the Keddie photo gallery about a month back. I took half the photos offline. Not one gripe or chime from the forum.

Did I already make a post about how important cyan is? I doubt it. I wrote it up but haven't posted it. I bring it up now because the amount of cyan in the CS photos of the local murder told me right off this was blood and murder.

If I already posted, it would be on the thread about blood soaking through the cushion. Why? Because I'm completely fucking wrong. I looked at all the shots of both sides of the cushion last night and typed out a long post about how incredibly wrong I am.

Look up 'cyan'

Pain sucks. Pain pills are worse. These pills are addictive mofos, so I drink vodka some days just to avoid using the pills. It's an unhappy marriage, but you don't not know the severity of fear I have concerning addiction.

The script for the pills is three per day for thirty days. 90. The script ran out two weeks ago and I still have about half of the pills. If I seem a bit off the pier pointless recently, it's because I'm doing my best in a bad scenario, and trying my utmost to avoid an easy addiction. I'm bouncing between pills and some days a slow vodka buzz, and many days just plain straight. I'm scared as fuck of pills.

I recall, in "To Kill a Mockingbird", one of the early tossaway passages is Atticus explaining to Scout why visiting and reading to this otherwise snobby bitch neighbor was helping the deathly ill woman die clean. Far more profound than my summation, but I'm on pills. Harper Lee filled that book with so many profundities, its impossible to understate the significance of the book as a whole.

Look for the thread about the layers of stains on both sides of the couch cushion. I went into great detail, but about 90% is horse shit. Im going to reprint those photos and explain where I fucked up. And I'll talk alot about cyan.

Years back I explained that I deleted most photos because times were different: I'd originally printed photos online when nobody knew about the case, nobody was stealing photos for gore sites, etc. Back then, we tore into the photos begging each other to unlock the significance of any little thing. Oldies here know exactly how fervent we were, how we tore everything apart and examined every fathomable detail.

Were those black bits Sue's broken eyeglasses? No. It turns out she and Tina were attacked in bed, and Sue's glasses were intact on the night stand. What was in the photos, those black bits, were clumps of her hair and cut-off bits of wire used to bind her in death.

I've NEVER brought this up, as it's never really come up: Whoever used wire on the bodies was a complete fuck. Who decided on wire? Intricate knots, and more telling is how the killer cut off bits of the ends of knots. Tidy and equal? It doesn't add up. The use of an extension cord to tie Dana & Johnny's legs together? That's not the same fuck who went into such detail and perfection in staging Sue.

Here's something else: some absolute idiot fucknobs believe the boys slept. As a huge part of their thesis, they ask why the phone was off the hook AND the wire cut? They think that the killers doing both proved the killers were insane or high. Or that the cut cord is a massive lie that never happened, just another part of the big fraud staged by that wicked cunt, dmac.

They have no clue where the phone line came into the cabin, something I proved in 2011. They have no clue why the killers did both.

The phone was off the hook so nobody could immediately use it. The cord was cut from the far wall of the girls bedroom, neatly looped and placed on the carpet near the table holding the shirt and hammer and knife etc. Why do both?!

Because the killers knowingly left survivors, so cut their lifeline to the outside world.

I also believe the phone cord may have been originally intended for the postmortem binding, but the killers opted for lamp cords. About 20x thicker and so much more obvious and macho. The phone cord was thin and clear. The killers opted for thick and black or brown wire. The victims were dead. The choice of wire is all show biz.

I'm about to post many crime scene photos related to that damned cushion. I expect to not only explain how I was world-class wrong, but where my memory skipped and how the cushion is still an overlooked timeline.

Look up cyan first. I've worked in film the majority of my life. Most LE have no cluedo how cyan can show blood in a negative or reversal image, whereas the printed positive image gives little to no information that blood is all over the place. Cyan in a reverse image is very similar to Luminol. When I show reversal images of the crime scene, I guarantee jaws will gawp. You'll see blood everywhere you never saw before.

Despite the mix of drink and drugs, I'm being perfectly honest in my fuckups and corrections. I don't know how huge this will be, as I expect more horror and attention will be paid to the images I post. Few will read my words, my deductions, my conclusions. IPO, budr, Aus, etc, read my ongoing drivel. I think the dumb majority watch my posts for four-letter supposed meltdowns, clueless that 'dmac' is a name that gives depth and context to my ability to freely state what I think really went down. The name has also allowed me to go after big fish without being compromised. People come to me knowing my pursuit of anonymity is genuine, and helps them trust that I will protect their own anonymity.

The amount of shit I know via 'anonymous sources' but can't say without independent confirmation? Lots of it is BS, but the stuff I believe to be truthful would give Manson nightmares.

OK, lots of rambling, but it all holds together? It's like that terrible jell-o mold with carrots your aunt brought over every July 4th. This is the 3rd. Wait for it...
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