810415 FRB Clipping: Triple Slaying in Keddie

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810415 FRB Clipping: Triple Slaying in Keddie

Postby dmac » Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:38 pm

Here's the earliest local news article about the murders published in the Feather River Bulletin. It debuted on Wednesday, April 15, one day after the Crimely sham interviews and one day before the funerals. Bo was already safely tucked away in Klamath Falls, waiting for his lover. A few points in the article stand out and are worth earmarking for review.

First, for all the inbred fuckwad morons who think Josh and/or I are being spoonfed info, duped by the first intentionally leaked documents in the history of the case, bend over and take a truth torpedo up your troll holes. Throughout this article, 'Sheriff's reports' are name-checked and quoted. In other words, many of the files Josh stole decades later were made available to the press two days into the 'investigation'.

The mention of deputy coroner McAllister is of interest. Doug Thomas was the lead coroner, and did absolutely nothing in that capacity. Not even core body temps were attempted in a base effort to establish ToD. But McAllister does say that, due to her age and small stature, Tina was all but excluded as a suspect. Of course, this flies in the face of the blame game Doug Thomas was throwing around. Not only that, McAllister would not say the bloody hammer and knives recovered caused the deaths, which is accurate. Those knives did not cause any deaths.

It mentions an APB/BOLO was put out for Tina, but the first sign of a Missing Persons report filed on her behalf is still months away. In this instance, LE state Tina is wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt. We do have the APB re: knife wounds, but it makes no mention of Tina.

It also mentions the search for Tina was mounted by PC S&R which, to my knowledge, was still run by Forcino. One glaring error is "the murders occurred between 11 pm" with no closing time? Burglary and drugs are already ruled out. DT lies openly, stating no suspects or motive is known.

Thomas promotes Crimely as 'seasoned investigators', and the FBI are listed as involved on the premise Tina was kidnapped. That's damned weak tea, as there is supposed to be evidence of INTERSTATE MOVEMENT of the kidnapped party before FBI can jump in.

Dumbfuck DT does mention elements of the case appear to be 'copycat' in nature, and this is a direct reference to the I-5 Killer. In coming days, DT would make far dumber statements in the press about the I-5 killer, apparently oblivious to the fact the man responsible had made nationwide headlines a full month prior when he was arrested and jailed. Fucking MORON, DT!

McAllister stated none of the cars in the area were linked to suspects which is, again, a lie. Loon's car, Dee's car, and Wade's car were all noted or captured on film.

And, o the humor, DT lets leak that the Sheriff's office is already using hypnotism to fuck the case.
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