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Google Maps / Google Earth

Postby dmac » Wed Oct 05, 2011 3:58 pm

Since my return from Plumas in April, I've been working as a member of the Google Maps community to correct the terrible map they had of the Keddie area. As you may recall, the old google map was similar to many other online maps of Keddie: totally wrong. One long road going in at the wrong place, splitting, winding, looping. Now the roads are in the correct places, properly named, and other existing roads have been added and given names- I don't know if they have proper names, or if they were even given names by locals.

Also, all the cabins and outbuildings have been added to the map and labelled, according to how things were in 1981, apart from the General Store and two cabins on Back Dorm Road that were opposite each other at the corner of Depot Rd. This does not include a ton of outbuildings and trailers by the railroad tracks but, otherwise, the map is now very accurate. Of course, the tools available to add the cabins are very difficult to use at that scale, so the cabins themselves are usually a bit too big or too small. ... 18&layer=t

Also, I've uploaded hundreds of the photos from the trip gallery, so they show up in Keddie Maps, Panoramio, and Google Earth. As of this week, the map in Google Earth is the same as the map drawn for Google Maps.
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Re: Google Maps / Google Earth

Postby ForensicGirl » Thu Nov 10, 2011 5:25 pm

I just saw the google map today and my suspicion was that was your work. Great job dmac!
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