Sacramento Interviews with Sheila and Sheriff

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Re: Sacramento Interviews with Sheila and Sheriff

Postby Chichibcc » Sat Nov 12, 2011 2:09 pm

Ausgirl wrote:Most of her pointyness was directed toward the Meeks famil...

From what I've heard, posting on the old C28 board herself didn't do her any favors, either....every post she wrote just seemed to weave a deeper and deeper web of lies...that's advice she certainly should've heeded herself.

It's proabably a good thing she doesn't post here-her little games wouldn't fly here like they might have on the other board-most likely one of the reasons she doesn't post on this forum.
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Re: Sacramento Interviews with Sheila and Sheriff

Postby krazykat » Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:56 am

Ausgirl wrote:"Tell them where the dope is, Meeks"...

Just to take a different point of view to my mind it makes more sense that she'd lie so much if this was about drugs. She was obviously part of Marty and Bo's alibi and if they were trying to find out where stolen or found drugs that night it gives a motive to this crime that I can believe in that Marilyn would lie about.

Then too why would Marty even come back to Keddie to end up in jail and scream out to Meeks about where the drugs were? I have a hard time wrapping my head around that this was a revenge killing because one woman tried to help another so one person got upset, and killed her only he had to kill the daughter because she saw and his friend of,(What? 2 weeks), killed the boys who somehow came across the murders taking place and then the police decided to cover the whole thing up.

Then Marty comes back to Keddie to act crazy to try to get back with Marilyn gets arrested and asks yells at Meeks to tell the cops were the dope is.

It makes more sense to me that he would take a chance to come back and get the drugs, only he found they were gone from where he and Bo stashed them that night.

See I could believe that Marty killed Sue out of revenge and Tina because she was a witness, but why was Dana Killed first? and differently than the others? So there's motive, means ,and opportunity for Marty to kill Sue and Tina, but wouldnt' they have been killed first?

These are the things that bother me about Marty's confessional, Maryiln's lies......The police coverup.... And who brought the pellet gun?
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Re: Sacramento Interviews with Sheila and Sheriff

Postby not sure » Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:34 am

Ausgirl wrote:Exactly, NS - Spang couldn't lie straight in bed. He had to retract his first round of BS to the cops when they figured out he was BS'ing them (perhaps he told them he'd joined the policeforce when he was 8... :lol: ) before coming up with a fresh round of steaming untruths. LMAO.

The guy had a van, admits to being near the house on the night of the murders, lies his arse off to police about why, admits to lying -- why wasn't he looked at with a microscope over Tina's abduction? While I think at this point that Dee Lake had a hand in that, it would have looked very bad indeed for Spang, who clearly did not enjoy the same facade of respectability in the local community. My understanding is he's been telling people for years he was a suspect in this case so I assume he was looked at. How deeply? I guess we'll never know.

Spang, I believe, was not just passing through Keddie that night, and his story about chasing down cars full of drug dealers reeks of bovine poo. I'd really like to dissect his commentaries for sign of what he misdirecting the cops about. Had he heard something big was going down and was just there as a looky-lou? Was he another upstanding Marty-pal? Was he there to pick up a deal? I doubt it was merely a baggie of weed, if that's the case. He was panicked enough about -something- to scramble for lies that made him look very clearly like the drug user he was. I wonder what. But don't his interviews sound familiar? He places himself near the scene (ala M & B), volunteers information not asked for (ala M & B), and then was never questioned again (ala M & B) ??? I wonder if Karl was part of a circle of friends...

The local stoners (and a few non-locals as well) were all out in force that night, zipping around like a swarm of gnats and BS'ing so much it's a wonder they did not drown in it. Something was going on. Again, I wonder what. Me too. NS
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