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Postby justice17 » Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:36 pm

kmik wrote:Justice, I don't know why Tina was taken. When I look at this the whole thing screams "Why take Tina "? I just don't believe the murder/murders had the foresight when this all went down to worry about an investigation. If Marty was involved in this and he wanted to throw off the investigation then he should have worked harder on his responses during his statement to police - too many trip ups and slip ups (which apparently were completely ignored). So I guess he never really had to worry about any investigation at all and maybe he knew this.

Kmik...that's true.

810412-1045 (approx) '[Marilyn] went over [to the crime scene] to find out what she could. I went and told Doug basically what I told you: I went by twice, well three times, actually four times in the process of the night, and I hadn't noticed anything out of place." <Doug Thomas? Doug Albin?>
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Re: Okay Wait

Postby budrfligh » Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:27 pm

A sociopath/ Marty psychopath/ Bo and a narcissist / marylnn. Definitely my 3 main picks. Marty had a motive, it had nothing to do with Tina. Sue spurned his advances and Bo's. Most likely enraging Marty as the day/evening progressed. Especially if she did so in front of his pals. He was a sociopathic misogynist and sue thought him and treated him like the disgusting pos he was. That's enough for me. No problem believing that the psychopath, Bo was all to thrilled to go along to teach that b**** a lesson. The kids were collateral damage and probably fall on Bo's hands. Marylin cares about nobody but herself as is obvious when she word vomited not bothering to spell check. With her it's all about self preservation and maintaining her image. Hence the random tossing the guys under the proverbial bus. It's well known today that polys are quite beatable by sociopathic individuals. Not that he had much to worry about with the le in this case. I'm curious as to le participation in the murder though it's obvious they were complicit in the cover up. I wonder what the killers had on the local pd and how high up the chain. That's still unresolved for me as yet. But if simply a officer was partly to the actual killings logic follows he'd cover his arse quite diligently. Also curious about Sheila. She largely is not ringing true to me, it's off somehow imo. Tina seems largely left to fend for herself in the timeline. Causing me to wonder what if any attention she had in the family dynamics. She seems thrown away to me. Perfect way to scapegoat the ex hubby in a thinly intelligent persons mind. Trying to dumb myself down to there level is difficult. Any answers would be welcomed. I'm still researching as we speak.
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Re: Okay Wait

Postby dmac » Sat Sep 19, 2015 3:46 pm

The main thing I take issue with in your otherwise-sturdy analysis: the weight seems to rest on Sue turning down the BM Boys' offer to go to the bar. That event most probably (103% imo) never happened, and is a wild jump from the tracks laid out in the Loonibi. In the Loonibi, B&M never saw Sue, they only noticed it was dark near her house. After Bo split town and Marty got the boot, Loon started moving away from a few components of their joint alibi, but has adhered to most other aspects of that group lie ever since Day One.

The crux of Loon's entire 35-year attempt to put all blame on them (and distract from her own obvious participation) is they got pissed when Loon was asked to invite Sue to the bar and Sue refused. According to Loon's most lucid accounts (and there have been scores), the guys- particularly Marty- got more angry at Sue as the night wore on, and Loon knew nothing more about it, as she went home and fell asleep watching a non-existent war movie that never aired in Plumas that night. She only heard about the murders when Justin came running in the following morning. Yeah, pull the other one, it's got bells on it.

Remove Loon's fabrication about inviting Sue to the bar from the motive lexicon and many theories fall apart. The main portion of yours (revenge over a snub invite to the bar) is a very old one, put forth by Loon herself when she invented it.

Marty was hooked up tight with his pals, the corrupt sheriff and pedo asst sheriff, and my core belief is drugs, money, and power was their common trade, and DOJ came in to help cover their own asses, plus protected the already-protected Bo.

A Progressing Understanding: Motives for the Murders
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