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Re: The Matchbook

Postby Mamma_C » Sun Apr 03, 2016 6:51 am

I found a clearer copy of the document over here on Facebook: ... =3&theater

Unfortunately I can't make out what is on the reverse from what Dmac posted. Can't get it big enough or clear enough.

V/S Sharp’s purse
One dollar in quarters in change purse
Five dollar worth of food stamps
Dodge car keys and house key
Misc papers and food coupons
Medical ID card for Sheila
Note pad and address booklet
Sales Receipt for $350 to Dee Ann Larson from James Sharp for 1971 (or 3) Chrysler Newport 5 - 16 -80

Hand purse with checks and SSN’s for husband/kids
Drivers license/military id card
Checkbook (wells Fargo Bank) #201 -250. 201 and 202 missing.
201 to A&D development (rent) 235.00 /202 to Keddie Store $3.75 4-8-81 (201 on 4-2-81) two deposits slips missing 071 (no info) and 072. 4-1-81 for 240.00. 073 - 082 intact. Medical cards, business cards, Sears credit card, fishing license, library card, Nancy Ryder 779-5907 on piece of paper, expired temp drivers license 22 cents in outside coin purse on check wallet.

It looks like all checks are accounted for, one to rent and one for the Keddie store - probably cigarettes or anything else not paid for in food stamps. Based on the deposit made 4/1 there should have been enough in Sue's account to cover her rent check and the one to the store with just a few dollars left over.

I don't see anything to indicate why the wallet would have been found out of the purse unless there was cash taken. Maybe one of the killers needed some funds to go down to the bar and pick up that fresh pack of Camels.
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Re: The Matchbook

Postby dmac » Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:23 am

That image, along with what looks like the most of the rest on that FB page, were taken from this site. I've since removed a lot of blown-up images from this site because the topics aren't hot and the photos were meticulously looked at years ago, to save bandwidth,and to discourage yet more theft- particularly by gorehounds and stupid 'top ten' lists.

Originally posted here

Not all can be made out from side two. I've found some strings of words to be intelligible:

Very neat and orderly
Misc receipts, CHP citation by ???
pocket calculator
photo book with pict...???
Bank of Amer ???

As for side 1, it's a 1973 Chrysler. I knew checks were missing from the book, but couldn't find the purse thread when I last posted. A&D, I believe, was the Albins. / Hogaboams' company (Mollath's absorbed English Properties and still used the name).

Also note how defensive Sheila was about us discussing something as basic as food stamps, money accounted for, basic household income. Yet another indicator she doesn't want people looking at her family whatsoever. Sorry, playing ignorant to basic facts ain't the way to solve anything.
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Re: The Matchbook

Postby dntblvu » Sun May 01, 2016 5:23 pm

I'm not following. When I used to smoke, I would have left my last one for the morning. So I guess, then she went to bed and then it happened.
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Re: The Matchbook

Postby dntblvu » Sun May 01, 2016 5:47 pm

Feel free to delete when I post where I shouldn't. I thought I was posting this two pages before this. So... ya, she was saving it and went to bed. :oops:
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