Unlocked Swinging Bridge

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Unlocked Swinging Bridge

Postby dmac » Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:18 pm

This may seem old, but it's not. A contradictory document has recently surfaced, so read on.

Marty said in his interview that the only quiet way to get Tina out of Keddie was the back bridge, the swinging bridge. But, he said, it's always locked.

For years, I've pointed that out as a glaring lie, that the gate was open as usual, and he was lying because that's exactly how they got her body out. Then, that fact was 100% verified: the bridge wasn't locked!

I think while finding all this stuff about Kathy, the ride home, etc., Mike found a document that directly and loudly contradicts Doug's other account, where he said it was open the multiple times he crossed:

1- when he went to the bar
2- when he came home around 2am
3- when his gf went across the following morning to get her car

This 'new' old file states that he said the gate was locked, which was unusual, as it's rarely locked. He said he had to struggle over the locked gate wen going to the bar, then help his conquest over the gate at 2am, and that she had to climb over it again when she left in the morning (her car was at the bar).

I smell another fraudulent document. I've been over that bridge, and I would never attempt to climb that gate. It's at the top of a ramp, which puts a person something like 25-30 feet off the ground (the ground drops away down to the river). Look at the photos:


One of these documents is lie-filled. I believe it's the one stating the gate was unusually locked.

First, I wouldn't try climbing that gate, particularly with the girl in tow. Both sides have gates on them. On the Keddie side, it's the same gate but covered in mesh that would make it near-impossible to get over. I'd bet the other side had matching mesh that has since been lost to time. Look:


Second, where's the document from his gf confirming his acct?

Third, what possible reason would Doug have to lie, either way? He's already said he want to the bar, got a girl for the night, and they went over the bridge. This info has appeared on Timelines, but it's suspiciously missing such info as whether the gates were locked.

This isn't a matter of choosing which to believe. Two CONTRADICTORY statements on such benign things as whether the gate was locked? Unless Doug G was involved in the murders, or had inside info, or heard rumors of 'Tina Down By the River', he has zero reason to lie, much less know why LE were asking. It sounds to me as if they were SPECIFICALLY asking if the gate was locked, as it's hardly something Doug G would bring up without prompting. It sounds to me like whoever wrote the falsified report has never been on that bridge and had absolutely no idea what they'd be up against when trying to climb that bridge. In the daylight? Not likely! In the pitch black of a moonless night?!

Everything points to Marty and Tina (and Bo) down by the bridge, with LE prodding around to see if anyone can confirm the gate was locked. When Doug said they weren't LE came up with an alternate report. We've already got Crimely by the short fuzzies, filing a completely false report about Marty's confession, LE intentionally turning off the tape recorder when interviewing Greg, Stoy doctoring a report to state LE knew Tina was missing almost immediately, and Stoy falsifying a report by Gamberg.

I'll get more info on when the conflicting reports claim to have been filed, r/o, etc. Because I think is yet another smoking gun LE were covering for the killers.
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Re: Unlocked Swinging Bridge

Postby nekogirrl » Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:43 pm

nobody in their right mind would try to climb a gate like that at night...and hey, you been to the bar, drinking? whoever tried would end up in the water ...
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