810413 Shanks Rept on Sightings of Johnny and Dana Hitching

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810413 Shanks Rept on Sightings of Johnny and Dana Hitching

Postby dmac » Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:33 pm

The following report was written on 4-13-81, and is a compilation of interviews Shanks alone had with witnesses and liars about seeing Johnny and Dana in Quincy. The one commonality is all sightings have them hitching. Another commonality is that liars make it to the "official" PCSO timelines while credible witnesses are ignored.

Donna Williams is not remotely trustworthy, as her story has both Johnny and Dana at Big-O Tires (I think it's missing from the 1981 Quincy map, but I recall it was near Nugget Motors) at a time when they were supposedly hitching from Keddie to Quincy after eating lunch and doing yardwork. Also, her account has her dropping them off at Exxon when they stated they wanted to go to the Dorris home, then Keddie. Were the account true, her taxi service just put the boys a full mile further away from Dana's home than they had been at Big-O. I believe Donna made up that BS based on info she gleaned directly from the Dorrises and others about the boys travels that day.

Likewise, Rumsey's story is bull because the report of them being at Beckley's home is more credible, and Beckley places them in the middle of Quincy at roughly the same time, together. Also, his account has Dana accepting a ride from EQ to Exxon (past Donna's home), inexplicably meaning the boys who had spent the day together were willing to split up for a ride that would leave them about 2.5 miles apart. Bull. Chances are, after the boys left from Dana's home on Bell St., they either walked across the fields towards the airport or hitched down Junction Rd toward Quincy, directly in line with Beckley's apt.

The rest of the sightings seem credible enough, particularly that of Dana's Parole Officer, who saw Dana hitching- which is itself a criminal act and a violation of his probation- and did jack zero about it. Maybe that's why PCSO didn't put their co-worker/pal on the timeline, huh?!

Had John Robinson done his job, Dana would not have been murdered.
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