ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby justice17 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:22 pm

BO after the homicides-

1. Why didn't Nina let Bo stay at her house too? Somebody is out there killin' somebody...
Why not protect Bo as well?

2. Nina picked up Marilyn because she was afraid of Marde? But then he spends that night at The Meeks residence? How does that get Marilyn away from Marde? It only gets her away from BO.

3. Why was it WADE that had to give Bo a ride to get out of town? Who asked Wade to take him?

4. Did Bo arrive in Keddie around the same time that Nina went to pick up "Jim", the ex from Arizona?

MEAN KITTY,can you answer these questions?
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby leenie963 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:58 pm

justice17 wrote:From Mardes statements:
When they got back home, Marilyn was asleep. Marty went to bed around 10 min. after 2, after he gave Bo 2 phenobarbitols and a dilantin, 2 phenobarbitols and 2 dilantins to go to bed on. Every night he has to take that, and once Bo is out, he’s out. The medicine was put up because of the kids. Marty woke up again around 3 a.m. to stoke the fire. He always wakes up then to do it. He opened the door, went outside, and got a piece of wood. He didn’t notice anything.

Why was Marde attempting to give Bo a semi-alibi?

Why disclose this non-relevant information in the first place?

Marde wasn't being questioned about Bo's sleeping habits. It wasn't rehearsed because Bo didn't stick with the script.

Odd how MMB worried about the kids getting into Bo's meds yet by their own admissions left Casey alone at night to go to a bar. The irony was ignored along with everything else in the cover up. Sickening when you read the transcripts and it sinks in how blatant it is.
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