"Bo is dead," phone calls, and Bobby Lake

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"Bo is dead," phone calls, and Bobby Lake

Postby jhancock » Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:36 pm

This document is dated 8-14-81.

Person contacted: Marilyn [POI last name].

8-12-81, 1400 hrs, Marilyn S. phoned and said that last Saturday (8-8-81) she had been to her aunt's in Burney (Aunt is Joanne A.) and her aunt had said she was to a family reunion in Pendleton, Ore, the month before. According to the Aunt, the body of a young unidentified female had been found in or around Pendleton.

Marilyn also told me she had received info that a friend had received a letter from POI and he had said Bo was dead. I asked who had received the letter and she told me Romona L. (Dee's then wife) of Indian Falls had told her that. I asked for and received the phone number where Romona could be contacted.

On 8-12 and 8-13 I made unsuccessful attempts to contact Romona. At 0710 hrs on 8-14-81 I contacted her by phone and asked about the letter from POI. She said it had been a card and on the envelope he had written, "Tell Marilyn Bo is dead." I asked if she still had the card and envelope and she does not think so, but will look. I asked if she remembers where it was mailed from and she thinks from Vancouver, WA. I asked when she had gotten it and she said around the first part of June. I asked if she had since heard from POI and she said he had phoned sometime around when school was over for the summer asking what people knew about the 187. At that time he was in Walla Walla selling tickets in a circus or something.

Romona said she is currently working a booth at the Fair and for me to contact her there later after she has had a little time to think about the thing as she may recall something else.

8-14-81 1400 hrs I contacted Romona L. at the concession stand at the Fair. She said she has not had time to look for the envelope with the address where POI could be contacted. I asked her how well she knew Bo and she said she had met him once and took an instant dislike to him. I asked her about Bo using the name "Bobby Lake" and she acted genuinely surprized [sic] and upset about it.

Romona again said she was sure POI had mailed the card/letter from Vancouver. She explained the card as being one that is written on, folded, and mailed.
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