Report about suspicious person at restaurant

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Report about suspicious person at restaurant

Postby jhancock » Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:52 pm

At the top of the document are the words: SHARP/WINGATE 187 PC

4.24.81: Margaret F. and Wilfred H.

Dep. Forcino and I contacted Margaret at her residence. She said she and her husband had been to dinner at the Keddie Rest. around 1800 hours, 4.11.81. After dinner she had to use the bathroom and upon approaching the restroom a male subject came up the stairs, approaching her and when he saw her he turned and went back down the stairway. She described him as appearing very nervous, but she did not think he was drunk. She went into the restroom, and her husband told her the man came back up the stairs and walked nervously back and forth, and finally went back down the stairs. She doesn't know whether he went outside or into the bar, as she has never been down the stairs, and said she doesn't know what's there.

I asked how the man was dressed and she said he had a neatly trimmed mustache, about 5'6-5'8", a dress-type hat, tan; a blue jacket; and tan trousers. She said he appeared to be in his 40s. He was bleary eyed, but not drunk--only acting very nervous.

Margaret and Wilfred left the restaurant around 2000 hrs.
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