Entry 810411-2315b- 2 guys looking for JR @ FRC Apartments

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Entry 810411-2315b- 2 guys looking for JR @ FRC Apartments

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This report is dated 6-2-81 and is a supplement to entry 810411-2315b on Timeline B.

Interview: Geramie Barbara J. # 206 FRC Apts. Nickname: J.R.

On 5/28/81, I contacted Geramie at her Apt. # 206 FRC Apts. I asked her if she had seen the composite sketches in the newspapers and she told me that she had not. I showed her the composites and asked her if she knew either one of them or if they were in any way familiar looking. Geramie said that she doesn't think she has ever seen either of the subjects. I told her that the sheriff had received information that the two men matching the composites had been to the apartments asking for her by her nickname. She said she had no idea who they might be or why they would be asking for her. I asked her if she used coke or marijuana and she told me she did but never had any for sale. I asked her if one of her friends might have told the guys that she would have some dope and Geramie said no. After I had left the apts. I received a dispatch to return and talk with Geramie as she had remembered something.

I recontacted her and she said that she had heard from a Shawn D. that Tony A. had heard about someone having given Johnny and Dana a ride to Keddie the night they were murdered. Geramie also told me that she had been in the Bay Area when the murders had taken place. I asked her if she knew a girl by the name of Cambria and she told me that Cambria lived at the Keddie Dorm, room # 30.

Interview: Tony A.

On 5/28/81 I contacted Tony at his residence and told him that I had been told that he might have some info about who gave Johnny and Dana a ride to Keddie. Tony told me that he had heard rumors that a guy on a motorcycle had given them a ride. This rumor had already been checked by myself and A/S Shanks. It proved to be invalid. I did contact Shawn D. and confirmed that she had heard the same rumor.
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