Acid parties, cults, and cat sacrifices - 5 pages

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Acid parties, cults, and cat sacrifices - 5 pages

Postby jhancock » Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:23 pm

Here are a series of miscellaneous case files that may be of interest to some. As always, names have been abbreviated.

5-13-81: I contacted a citizen who will remain anonymous for reasons of his own personal safety as he is familiar with people in this county who are or have been dealing and using heavy drugs, mainly LSD and blotter acid. I asked him about any acid parties in Keddie or Meadow Valley and he said he had heard rumors about a party at Keddie five doors south of the store but no confirmation. Citizen told me that if a party had taken place in Meadow Valley, it would probably be at Roger's residence. Citizen told me that Bill was into acid and that a woman by the name of Pam who lives at Las Plumas Trailer COurt was in possession of three hits of blotter acid the week after the murders. This citizen is going to try to find out where the stuff is coming from and who has it. He thinks that only a very few people are involved with anything harder than coke or weed.

On 4-21-81 Sgt. Brubaker and Agent Leonard contacted Peggy M. at the Twain Store. She said she knew Dana, had been in this area about six years, and had lived in Keddie for three months. Peggy works part time at the Twain Store and allegedly had info on cult-type activities around Keddie.

Peggy said she did not know anything about cults or cat sacrifices, she did not know the Sharp family, and that she heard that Dana had been given a ride home on a motorcycle on the day of the homicides.

Peggy said she heard that Tina had been molested in the past and that the subject who committed the act was now out of jail.

She said that she had a stepdaughter living in Keddie with Gail S. by the name of Anna C., and that Gail has some info about a guy named Bill who was around Keddie and who allegedly flashed a knife at a Mary Lou H.

Gail S. lives in Cabin # 32 at Keddie and we attempted contact but no one was home.

On 4-21-81 Sgt. Brubaker and Agent Leonard contacted Melinda W. about the Keddie homicides. Melinda said that Lorraine C. who resides at Jackson and Roche Streets in the Green Apartment Complex, upstairs left side, had some information about an acid party that was held on the weekend of the homicides. Melinda related that Lorraine told her that she had spoken with a girl in Keddie that told her about the acid party. Lorraine attends school and is usually home after 3 pm. Lorraine drives a blue station wagon. Melinda said she got the info from Lorraine on 4-20-81.

While at Melinda's residence, which is directly across from Lorraine's residence in the same building, we also contacted Janet S.

Janet said she had only been in town since Thursday and that she is now living Citrus Heights in Sacramento County. Janet related that Renee Wingate had told her that there was an acid party in Keddie and that Dana had been hitchhiking the night of the homicides. Janet advised that David and Sherry C., Cynthia Wingate, and Janet's mother were present when Renee brought up the acid party.

Penny W. was also contacted at the same time and she related that she did not know any of Tina's boyfriends.

[for an interview with Renee Wingate and her father, Gary, see deleted scenes from Part I on our YouTube channel]
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