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Possible person of interest - Susanville Police Department

Postby jhancock » Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:38 pm

The following "activity report" was provided to the producer of Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders Part II by the Susanville Police Department. The date of the original report is 5-24-81.

Reportee (R/P) reports seeing the composite pictures of the 187 PC Suspect on Channel 12 of the Keddie Murder and believes that David, AKA Michael, of the Bigelow Apts. is him and if not it must be his brother. David is living with a 16-year-old girl that is pregnant and looks young. R/P reports that he was gone about the time of the 187 and when he did come back, it appeared he was trying to change his whole appearance, and started going by Michael. The R/P believes that this is the guy as he has a thing for young girls.

R/P advised R/O that David has a criminal record for damaging vehicles. R/O asked her to describe him without looking at the drawings. She stated that he was 5'8 to 5'9, slight thin build, 140-150. She advised that she wasn't good with the weight but that he is slight built. Brown eyes, dirty blond hair. Nineteen years old. R/P stated that he has changed his appearance since he came back from South Lake Tahoe. She stated that David was visiting his parents, and was supposedly in So. Lake Tahoe at the time of the murders in Keddie. R/P advised that he had grown a mustache and cut his hair. She advised that he still parts it in the middle. She was asked by the R/O on the composite sketches which person was David and she advised that the picture on the right is him, the person with the hair almost to his shoulders.

R/O advised Det. Forcino of the information. Forcino advised R/O that they were looking for these composite suspects as they were suspects and not just persons with information on the case. R/O advised that the subject in the composite drawing on the right was David and since has changed his appearance. Forcino stated that a witness advised R/O that the subject in the composite on the right will possibly have a silver earring on the left earlobe. Forcino stated that it could possibly be the right ear. Forcino stated that the subject has beady eyes. Forcino asked the R/O to make contact with this subject David and find out where he was at the time of the murders and look for a pierced ear or the beady eyes.

At approx. 2240 hrs. on 5-24-81, R/O contacted David at [address]. Officers asked David if he would accompany them to the Susanville Police Department as the officers wanted to talk to him. David's girlfriend was also present in the living room with them. David advised that he thought he knew why officers wanted to talk to him. R/O asked "What?" David replied, "Living with her." David was advised that that wasn't the reason. David stated that he would go with the R/O to the P.D.

David went into his apartment and put on a shirt and shoes and accompanied officers to the Susanville Police Department. R/O asked him if he went to South Lake Tahoe in April. He stated that he went there in the first part of May, Saturday and Sunday the 8th and 9th, to visit his parents. He stated that they do not have a phone. He was asked if he ever went to, or been to, Quincy, Portola, or Keddie, Calif. He stated that he has never been there. He then stated that he might have years ago with his parents and that they just drove through, not stopping. He was asked again if he went to South Lake Tahoe in April of 1981. He advised R/O that he did not even leave Susanville. R/O advised that the officers has received information that he did go to So. Lake Tahoe and spent time with his parents. David stated that he works for a timber company in Susanville and that he worked all of April and never left Susanville. He stated that he moved to Janesville from Salem, OR, in September 1980. He stated that in April of 81, himself and his girlfriend, 16 years old, moved to Susanville.

David was asked about any criminal record. He stated that he did not. He then stated his was in trouble when he was a juv. for letting air out of a truck's tires. He stated that he was a juv. at the time and it wasn't on his record now. He stated that was when he lived in Weed, CA. R/O asked him if he wears glasses or ever wears glasses. He stated that he does not. R/O asked David to pull his hair back so R/O could look at his ears. R/O was unable to see any holes in the earlobe of the right and left ear. R/O asked if he had recently changed his appearance. David stated that he got a haircut in April, as his hair was getting too long for work. He was asked how long or when he started growing a mustache. He stated that he has been growing his mustache all his life, stating that he has never shaved it. Officers asked if he minded officers taking a picture of him. He stated that he did not mind. R/O took a picture of David with a polaroid. He was also asked if he minded officers taking his fingerprints and he stated he did not mind. R/O took two sets of fingerprints from David.
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