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Postby dmac » Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:34 pm

When you consider the amount of premeditation behind the crime, and factor in the vast and alarming amount of staging that took place after the murders, what you're left with is an incredible amount of stupidity by the criminals, which manifested itself in unnecessary risks being taken, and lots of evidence and pointers left behind leading directly to said perps.

Look at this case without any knowledge and you must admit whoever did the murders did, in fact, remove Tina from the scene and dumped her body several miles southwest. So, whoever did this crime was STUPID ENOUGH TO TAKE THAT RISK.

Bo and Marty were both incredibly stupid, inept criminals. Considering where we were one year ago, it's amazing how much we now know about the level of brutality and brainlessness behind Bo's bent background. Needlessly violent and cruel as a thief, bank robber, and home invasion robber, like his mentor Jim Rini he was arrested every other day and NEVER given a harsh sentence. He was a rash, stupid, inept criminal in his youth, just as he was when he entered cabin 28 on April 12, 1981.

The killers brought a kill kit, including at least two rolls of medical tape, an air gun, at least one knife, and possibly a hammer.
The entire "argument" at the bar was likely a ruse to establish an alibi. They wanted to be seen and noticed.
They left the bar, changed clothes, gathered their tools, and went back to the bar. The tape and knives could easily have been concealed in pockets, but the gun and hammer would have been left near Cabin 28, likely in the weeds across the road.
After closing the bar, they went directly into 28 and evidence supports that they went directly into the girls' bedroom and attacked Sue.

Each body, including Tina's, was moved after death. Sue, Johnny, and Dana were all attacked and bound postmortem as part of the staging, a period of time after death long enough for Dana to show signs of lividity. Likely, immediately after the murders, the killers removed Tina from the cabin and hid her body. Upon returning, they did the staging and cleanup on the other bodies, then left. Hours later, after the crimes were discovered, the killers moved Tina to Camp Eighteen.

Halfassed premed: they tried to make it look like a random, sudden act by bringing a kill kit, yet left plenty of evidence behind proving premed and proving multiple tools were brought to the crime.
They tried to establish an alibi at the bar, but were stupid enough to change clothes before returning to "apologize" for the argument.
They left behind cigarettes, Marty's prints on the bloody glass, and witnesses. The only people they could NOT logically kill were the occupants of the boys room, because killing Justin was not an option and leaving only him alive would have pointed the finger directly at Marty. YEt they did this crime, knowing full well that Justin was there.
The vast stupidity of the Loonibi the three of them concocted!
Every statement or interview they ever made afterwards.
Marty's confession.
...to name just a few. The list goes on and on....

The evidence is overwhelming. Bo and Marty and Dee were certainly stupid enough to drive Tina's body to Camp Eighteen while much of Plumas' police force was busy at Cabin 28. In light of everything, it fits like a glove.

Instead of wondering if Tina was taken for any reason other than staging, they either intended to remove only Sue from the cabin but lost control of the crime, or they factored Justin and the boys in as "controllable" during the premed phase. Either way, their plan was asinine, and perhaps the single best example of what a couple of moronic, heartless, criminal scum Bo and Marty were.
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