Dorm 28 vs. Cabin 28

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Dorm 28 vs. Cabin 28

Postby JohnTate90210 » Tue Feb 17, 2015 7:09 am

I'm new to this case so this may have already been speculated on. I read through a lot of the documents on here yesterday and one kind of got me wondering a little bit: ... _Cook.html

It's about Cambria Cook reported as being with two males who resembled the composites. Her "alibi" was Maggie Lewis who lived in Keddie Dorm 28. Lewis backed up Cook and said they were together.

Since the murders were at Cabin 28, it got me thinking about a possible case of mistaken identity by the killers. What about the possibility they were looking for Lewis, who they knew lived at 28, but thought it was a cabin? Coincidences certainly happen but I thought it was interesting there was an indirect connection between Dorm 28 and the composite suspects.
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Re: Dorm 28 vs. Cabin 28

Postby dmac » Sun Feb 22, 2015 2:21 pm

Mistaken Identity is a longstanding and widespread theory, and none of the theories based on MI added up on their own, or in the face of overwhelming evidence contradicting the very idea. Marty hizzelf claimed he was the real target, and gave several different BS stories, none of which make sense. His widow once parroted a similar BS story on this forum. His dipshit brother, Spenceypoo, also carries that vomit-gag-bag around, hoping stupid lies suddenly are true.

There are several different Keddies... few know or remember that. Keddies get lumped together, as they are close-by, but they are not one and the same. Our Keddie is by the Lodge, by the Wye. Across the highway (70/89) is another (now-dead) Keddie, known as the Heights to locals. Several old military buildings from WW2 were converted between motel rooms and permanent housing, and there were far more than 28 units.

Then there was what I call "South Keddie", otherwise known as Old Keddie (based on the name of the old highway that now serves as it's main street). It's just one turn in the canyon south of our Keddie, and it has far more people living there than our Keddie. It's where the old Roundhouse was, and it's where many people related to the case come from, such as the Walkes. And, yes, there's probably more than one address of 28 in Old Keddie.

I understand that 28 sounds like a possible mismatch, but this was an organized and sloppy hit against real targets, not hit-men who didn't know the target and are after some chick sharing a room in a dorm. Why would anyone be after her, anyway?

I understand the logic in your connection, but it really has no merit that I can see. Good catch, though.
Check the chat archive from last week, I think Cambria was mentioned. Maybe it was Marlbrough.

Keep looking.
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