Some thoughts

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Some thoughts

Postby azucena » Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:57 pm

I have gone down so many rabbit holes with this case, this family, it staggers me.

I initially believed this was about Tina, and alternately, tha tsome drug fuled rage/craziness caused a somewhat impulsive , in the moment reaction to something relatively minor, maybe someone stole drugs etal.
i have thought perhaps Sue was about to spill the beans on something , and was silenced.
I have looked a number of POIs, who in my mind, could have been involved, maybe are, or at least know what happened.
As well what about Kathy Howard and Lyn Mollath being tied in somehow?
It is noted in a big way, Bo's lies, organized crime ties, his relationship with Marty, Marty and Marilyn's toxic relationship, her affair with Wade Meeks.
Corrupt LE clearly, made a mockery of any productive investigation EVER happening.
I have also gone back and forth about Shelia and Richard's baby and the decisions made about it's future being tied up in this morass.
Another Meek connection.
We know that horrific, random acts happen without , in the end, any discernable motive or personal investment. This is not the case here, at least in my mind.
In my experience, the things that drive people to the brink, are OTHER PEOPLE and their perceived wrongdoings.
This escalates to major proportions when there is , for example, infidelity (betrayal of trust) when sums of money are involved ( I am getting what is mine) and when children are involved ( no one is going to do such and such to my child)
All I can say is the Sharp family, Marty and Marilyn's family, Bo, the Meeks, all had major issues, as noted above, that at any moment could cause mayhem.
I cannot help but think the personal circumstances and inter relationships of these families are at the core of why what happened did.
Any one of these people were teetering on the edge before the murders, and it might not have taken much to lead them over the precipice.
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Re: Some thoughts

Postby dmac » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:15 pm

and I'm wondering why these corrupt fuckup pigs did this.

We're right back to green and drugs.
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