Sheet and blanket...

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Sheet and blanket...

Postby lynabus » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:17 am

The couch was a pull-out bed. Did the blanket and sheet that was used to cover Sue come from the couch? As I recall, growing up we had a pull-out bed in the Mom would keep the blanket and sheet either on the bed or fold them and place them under the cushion. Just a thought. I still think someone bled out on the couch and was placed on the floor and cushion was placed under Dana to cover up the blood shed on the cushion and the kill zone. Once Sue was removed from couch, cigs squished and found where the cushion was supposed to when the killers saw the blanket or knew that they were found there...or considering Sue was on couch watching tv earlier..the blanket was already there.
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Re: Sheet and blanket...

Postby dmac » Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:25 pm

Sheet and blanket came from Sue's bed. In the moronic, taped-audio walk-through of CS photos, it' said the sheet and blanket came from Tina's bed. The whole room was set up so the girls were on the far side of the room (sharing the big bed), and Sue took the small bed by the door.

I see stuff in CS photos from "Sue's Corner" of the LR that may be pillows, bedding, for sleeping IN or ON the couch- like when she game home uper-late from 'dates'.
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