Did The Perps See Justin?

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Did The Perps See Justin?

Postby kevB » Tue Sep 29, 2009 6:33 pm

I would love to get some feedback on these observations and questions...
These are the notes I took that caused me to believe that not only did
Justin see the perps, but I also think the perps saw Justin...

Here's why...
(some of these notes are relative others are not)

1.) The perps possibly came thru the BACK DOOR


3.) The perps had to pass thru the KITCHEN to get to the MAIN ROOM

4.) The perps took weapons from a drawer in the KITCHEN

5.) The perps took phone cord from TINA'S ROOM

6.) Remember the blood on TINA'S BED?

7.) Perps had to pass thru the small HALLWAY to get to TINA'S ROOM

8.) Maybe they could see into the BATHROOM because the BATHROOM door was open?

9.) Would the perps check the BATHROOM? weren't they LOOKING for stuff?

10.) The perps committed the crime for several hours in the MAIN ROOM

11.) The perps took Tina thru the KITCHEN and out the BACK DOOR

12.) Was there someone sitting out back in a parked car watching the downstairs room?

13.) Where did Johnny & Dana enter the cabin from? the back or the front?

14.) Did they notice someone parked out back, so they entered thru the front to avoid them?

15.) Was this how they were able to take TINA out back and leave her
somewhere and return to the cabin because maybe someone was sitting out back
waiting and restrained her so the perps could return to the cabin without her escaping?

16.) Why would the perps walk thru the back, take weapons from the kitchen, take
a cord from Tina's room, walk thru the small hallway, commit the crimes in the main room for hours

and yet......

after passing thru every room in the cabin they somehow decided to completely ignore
the room Justin and the boys were in?

Even if Justin had barricaded the door wouldn't that make the perps want to get inside
that room even more?

Even if Sue told them the boys were not there, wouldn't they still search the room
for items to commit the crime?

These perps went all thru the cabin LOOKING for items to commit this crime did they not?
weapons, cords, etc... they were SEARCHING thru the cabin were they not?

18.) Does it make sense then to assume that they would ALSO check the room the boys were in?

Even it was just to see if there was anything they could use in that room to help them commit this crime...

Isn't there a very good chance that the perps at least LOOKED in the boys room?

This is why I believe the perps SAW Justin...
They were in the process of committing a horrible crime and they needed stuff for that
crime so they searched thru this TINY cabin... they searched the kitchen, they searched Tina's room...

why wouldn't they SEARCH the boys room?

wasn't there a blood stain on the boys door knob?

could Justin LOCK this bedroom door from inside the room?

Again, this is just my 2 cents and it may not be worth much because it's all purely speculation
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Postby Rally » Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:56 pm

The only thing I can say right off the bat, number 2 and 4 contradict each other. The knife came from the cabin (so I have read), so they could not have used it to pry open the back door to get in. Also from what I have read, there were no signs of forced entry, so that tells me they did not pry either the front or rear door open.
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Postby kevB » Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:42 am

Your right Rally #2 and #4 do contradict each other...
That's why I pointed out that a couple of the items listed were not relative to
the basic theme of these notes which I started to take to see if the perps saw Justin.

I apologize for the mix up... my notes were just observations I made and then I started
writing them down in no particular order. I removed #2 because it really has nothing to do
with the point I was trying to make and it was just a question I jotted down for myself.

Thanks for pointing that out for me :)
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Postby Rally » Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:21 pm

no apology needed, I think we are all here for one reason, to understand this crime better.
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Postby kevB » Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:16 pm

Thanks Rally,

Your right, my heart aches for these victims and their families and the fact that this case remains unsolved after all these years. That's why I really appreciate what Josh is trying to do here. This forum gives others the opportunity to come together and exchange idea's about this crime and maybe do what LE has been either unable or unwilling to do.
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Postby jhancock » Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:48 pm

Some great questions here from Kev!

Johnny and Dana could have entered from the back because that's where Johnny's room was.

I don't think we really know how long the killers were there. Early newspaper reports indicate that they tortured the victims for hours upon hours, but there were a lot of mistakes and random speculations in those early articles.

I have always imagined a fight breaking out between Sue and the killers, and the killers shouting at the boys in the bedroom to shut the door and stay put. This makes sense for the little one, Greg; but Rick and Justin were in the twelve and thirteen age range. They might have obeyed, but they would have been awake, listening, perhaps even peering out the door.

I respect Rick Sharp's decision to not be involved with these websites, or to be officially interviewed for part one or part two of the documentary, but we have to wonder: might he be able to recall something important?

And I think all of our comments and thoughts are important; we're not going to solve the crime here, but the more we share, the more people are attracted to the site. With part two to the documentary underway, "The Strangers 2" on the horizon, a possible short film from one of our members, and at least one MAJOR project that I can't really comment on yet, interest in the case will continue to rise. And maybe the right person will come forward as a result...
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Postby justamom » Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:37 pm

Hey Josh,
Do you know if Johnnie's room downstairs was ransacked? Also, does anyone know what Marty and the Bar owner were fighting about? I he [Marty] did get fired, does anyone know why?

It is good to know that this case is getting more visibility!

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Postby Night Rider » Thu Oct 01, 2009 3:34 pm

Two good questions, it's sure sad that it takes 28 years to get answers to them.

Didn't see anything in Marilyn's narrative back in 2006 about that night. Matter of fact, she never even said that he was working that night
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Postby dawghouse » Wed Nov 04, 2009 6:48 am

The perps HAD to have seen Justin.

If we are to believe any of his statements with regards to:

1. Seeing Dana get hit while trying to flee

2. Noticing that during the "fight" that John and Dana touched the wall with the TV.

3. Giving a description of the perps to LE.

4. Seeing the perp(s) use a knife on John.

5. Seeing them whisk Tina away.

If you look at the cabin floorplan, there is no way he saw all this while "peeking" through the bedroom door. His field of view would be extremely narrow, he would only have been able to see the couch along the back wall of the living room. Definitely not the wall with the TV. (according to the floorplan)

It appears that he would have had to come all the way out of the boys' bedroom to see all that. It seems unlikely to me that while the perps were searching the house for cords, and the kitchen for weapons, that they were so ignorant as to not notice the 13-year old kid observing them from no more than 10 ft. away.

I just don't buy the "perps didn't know about the boys in the room" theory. Either they knew Justin or they knew they better not touch Justin.

This point was briefly brought up on the Cabin 28 board, but not much came of it. My apologies if it was discussed years ago on some other board.
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