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Postby Indigo » Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:28 pm

<<Hmmmm. Indigo, it seems like maybe you were hanging out in chat on Sunday with an "away" status but stuck around reading everything that was talked about. Seems your idea about Dana on his knees - as per the void of any blood on his jeans or sneakers - seems vaguely familiar. What also seems REALLY familiar is the "idea" that he either died on his knees or might have been "bumped" by someone (JUSTIN) covering Sue's wounds. I have no ill will towards you at all but please do not sign into chat and set your status to "away" then post ideas as your own (and apologize for them) on the message board.>>

If these things were discussed in Sunday night's chat, I'm really sorry I missed it! I was marked "away" because I was away, and for no other reason. I'd love to know what was discussed in these two areas, so, Super, perhaps you would be so kind as to fill me in. Thanks!
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