The Lodge, Dee's Car, Tina...

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The Lodge, Dee's Car, Tina...

Postby dmac » Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:58 pm

Bringing this over from the "Welcome" thread, where it originally appeared:

not sure wrote:Welcome Klemspad and thanks for sharing.

Your lodge experience reminded me that the lodge would have been an easy place to hide a young girl until things cooled down enough to move her to a different site. It's been rumored there was a 3rd person outside the cabin that night who could have taken "possession" of Tina. I've often wondered if she wasn't driven away that night but, rather, taken someplace nearby and driven away later (like the next day in a thinly veiled guise to get car parts?).
Previously we tossed around the possibility of her being kept in the playhouse but why not the lodge? Would give more credence to the woman at the lodge who witnessed the agitated guy trying to get upstairs, no?

Again, welcome Klemspad.

The lodge was closed and abandoned by 1990. In 1981, it was open and busy, as was the dorm, post office, and gen store across the street. Remember that Marderer, Bo, and MLoon were at the Back Door Bar, which is in the ground floor of the lodge. Marde worked as a cook at the lodge, too. The restaurant was upstairs. In fact, DeCrona had dinner there the night of the crime.

Although I have argued that Bo and Marderer aren't particularly bright, nor logical, a**holes... to hang on to Tina until things 'cooled down' is a stretch when they had Dee Lake's lend-a-wreck right there. Not to speak from their POV- which is impossible, since I'm not an inbred, murderous piece of Po White Trash- but things aren't going to easily cool down once the murders are discovered the next morning. If Dee's car was, indeed, on loan to the killers, the best time to get Tina out of Keddie is in the middle of the night, before all is under the scrutiny of cops, media, and a town in crisis.

In fact, IF Dee's story of the Loanermobile is true, why have a third party (the "Uncle"?) involved at all?

PCSO, on 4-22-81, wrote:I was assigned to contact Dee Jay Lake at Indian Falls by AS/Shanks in that Lake's car was parked at POI's residence on 4-12-81, which is a short way down the street from Cabin # 28, Keddie. Also, AS/Shanks had information that Lake had a rifle that POI had given him.

I contacted Lake at his residence on Indian Falls Road on 4-22-81. I also spoke with Lake's wife, Ramona Lake, at the same time. Lake told me that he was at POI's residence because a few days prior to the 12th POI's car wouldn't start due to a dead battery and Lake left him his car so he could use the battery out of it. A few days later, Lake remembered that he had his rifle in the car and went to POI's residence to get it before some kids found it or it got stolen. Lake couldn't find the rifle in the car, so he asked POI where it was. POI said he didn't know anything about it. Two days later on the 10th, POI called Lake and told him he located the rifle in his house and that "Bo" had taken it out of the car and put it in the house without POI's knowledge. Lake went to POI's the next morning (4-11-81) and took the rifle back to his home in Indian Falls. I looked at the rifle, a 22 cal., and there was no broken or missing parts on it.

The Lakes told me that they have known POI since last September and are good friends with him and his wife. Lake said that he met POI at Feather River College through the Veteran's Program for post-war stress care for Vietnam veterans. Lake assists veterans in that program.

In that they were good friends, I asked Lake's opinion of POI and Bo. They told me that they didn't feel POI would be involved but that he wouldn't tell anyone if he knew who did it. They said he is very close to what friends he has. I asked them about Bo and they said POI met him in the VA hospital in Reno when he was there for mental treatment during the week of March 13th, 1981. Around the 28th of March 1981, Bo came to POI's house to stay and thy were planning on a sales campaign for a business and they had planned to go to Oregon. They both told me that they did not like Bo when they met him and purposely did not become friendly with him. They also felt that Bo could be capable of the homicide but had nothing to indicate that he did it.

Did Dee have two cars? Why would he loan his sole car to Marde and leave himself and his wife stranded? Seems Dee had more need for a car than Marde, who worked just 100 yards from his own doorstep. What was really going down that made it worthwhile for Dee to give Marde his car for, what, ten days or so? The story about loaning him a car stocked with a rifle sounds like pure BS, since photos show M&M's red station wagon still disabled, hood up, in the aerial crime photos. "Yep, I gave him my car and rifle so he could borrow my battery". Makes perfect sense. To a moron. "Oh, and I'll apparently hitch-hike back and forth several times just to try to retrieve the rifle, and to get the car back the day of the murders." So, Dee hitched / walked the twelve miles between Keddie and Indian Falls, amongst other places, how many times just because he lent Marde his car?

When Dee blatantly lied in part 2 about not having a car, he really had two? I'd also like to see how "Mayor Tommy" Shanks came to know of the car rental/rifle situation so as to dispatch a guy to see Dee. How did that knowledge become so readily available in the first place? Who offered it, in what circumstances, and how willingly? For him to know about the car, much less the rifle, indicates one of very few people (Bo, Marderer, Mariloon, Dee, his wife, the boys) gave that info to the cops. It's not in the interviews with BM&M I've seen so far...

Every new answer brings up more new questions.

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