Why wasn't everybody killed??

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Why wasn't everybody killed??

Postby Sympylman » Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:42 pm

Hello everyone....my first post on here so here goes.

I came upon this case a couple months ago on the net. I've read a decent amount of stuff and seen the two DVDs. Pretty bizarre stuff, to say the least. The thing that got me hooked on this case was the fact that 3 people were left alive in Cabin 28. That single fact is just so bizarre to me. I think a lot can and should be construed from this single fact. Why would a mass killing take place(and kidnapping) and leave 3 people alone!?!? I personally think that reason is Justin. It just makes sense to me since the other boys were Sue's. Three of the Sharps were killed/kidnapped and a family friend killed. Yet 2 Sharps, and another friend get to live. Coincidence?? I guess possibly....but I would bet NOT! Also, I guess the crime took place over an extended period of time....to me that shows an extreme level of comfort on the killer(s) part. One would think....commit a mass murder and kidnap a little girl....get the f*** out of dodge and fast. But that didn't happen. Instead, hang around for hours and toss knives into the wall....WTF!! I think all of this points absolutely, 100% to his stepdad. He knew his stepson was in the other room(maybe, possibly Justin made sure the 2 Sharp boys never left their room, no matter what they heard). There just seems to me a huge level of comfort to be there for hours....who would be comfortable....someone who's stepson is in the other room. I think if Justin doesn't stay the night, 5 Sharp family members wind up dead! Again, I'm fairly new to this.. If I have stuff wrong, please let me know. Thanks...
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Re: Why wasn't everybody killed??

Postby jhancock » Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:25 pm

Sympl, thanks again for joining us.

Given the close quarters of the cabin, and the blood on the doorknob leading to the boys' bedroom, and the blood on Tina's bedsheet, I'm pretty sure the killers knew the others were there. I don't think these two losers would have the guts to kill small children, if that makes sense; the documentary makes a good case for why Tina was the exception. Plus, the lowlife who confessed to the murders knew he'd never get Marilyn back if he killed her son.
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Re: Why wasn't everybody killed??

Postby frida » Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:37 pm

Welcome Sympl!

I agree Josh. The killers knew the others were in the cabin. They couldn't kill Justin for obvious reasons--and storming the bedroom to kill Rick and Greg would have been problematic with Justin in there. He may have tried to defend his little friends and gotten hurt in the process.

I know what you mean Josh, about the killers not having the guts to kill small children. Tina, although a child to us, was probably looked at more as a female, a woman by the perps. We know how they felt about women! Old enough to bleed, etc. Also it is most likely that Tina wasn't killed in the initial frenzy of violence. In Marde's own words she was incapacitated and taken away-killed elsewhere. If you believe his confession, which I do.
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