LOONIBI NAMED> Perp #3 and the Marderer/Meeks Connection

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LOONIBI NAMED> Perp #3 and the Marderer/Meeks Connection

Postby dmac » Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:31 pm

The Loonibi that fingers Marty Smartt's, Marilyn Smartt's, and Severin John "Bo" Boubede's whereabouts the night they killed the Sharps and Dana is almost pure fabrication, and Loon was fully involved prior, during, and after the murders in (at the very least) concocting and editing the alibi. The Loonibi both protects her and proves her guilt. Marilyn Smartt is fully involved in the murders, the first of our #3s.

Justin was left alive, and so were Ricky and Greg based on the fact they couldn't kill Ricky and/or Greg without killing Justin- it would crack their alibi, which was still a work-in-congress. Justin was very possibly involved beyond simply witnessing the murders- He was probably forced to participate, then threatened that his share of the crime would put him in lockup, too. Due to being a lying witness (in later years- I absolve Justin of his early story changes as self-preservation from corrupt PCSO/DOJ and his murderous parents), Justin is still another Perp #3. We need to subtract his involvement, just like canceling fingerprints to find those involved.

I think Dee Lake is fully involved, as he was driving the car that took Tina to where she was dumped, like trash, at Camp Eighteen. Dee lives off the Navy tit--- what does that worthless piece do for a living? Is he a meth dealer now that pot is passe? Dee Lake lives in a blue house with red, white, and blue American flags pornographically posted every two inches. Pretty bad cover for another Perp #3.

And, yes, the evidence discarded in the trash can behind the Keddie General Store points directly to another third perp. If all of it isn't a red herring, the DNA on the bloody twist of nosebleed tampon tissue found will not match Bo, Marty, Marilyn, Justin, Dana, or the Sharp family. Or Dee Lake, for that matter, because Dee's later involvement makes no sense if he was there that night. If Dee Lake was there with his "other" car that night, he would never have risked coming back to remove Tina. He's a cowardly lion, after all: another killer in these murders who limp thru life claiming to be war heroes when they were peeling potatoes. Still, somebody left Keddie in a vehicle and was (intentionally?) dumb enough to dump the tissue, cardboard box, and knife into the trash at the Gen Store. Now, I beg of you, was the trash bin really located behind the store? Or the side? Or near the front? By the line of PO boxes nailed on the front of the store in 81? Was it a 'general public' trash can? We need to know where and which can this evidence was in. In the end, was there really a physical third person beyond these other #3s I've already clearly marked? A missing #3 perp... a real #3?

Were I looking for a third perp, he'd either be another War Hero bull artist, a drug dealer, or a druggie. It really depends on who was with Marty and Bo earlier in the day, doesn't it? And Philip makes too much sense to be discredited on another police report made contrary by a pig known to doctor his reports. Yep, Stoy is a pig.

Back to the loonibi- concocted and long-protected by Loon in later years to say she/they were at the bar much earlier than they were (if she was there at all- we have other witness accounts that Marty and Bo were there, including reports by Bo and another witness that Marty left for about half an hour- and no known witness accounts of Loon other than by murderers involved in the alibi). Why would Loon accuse Marty and Bo in later hours, days, weeks, months, years, yet still stick to her lie that she was at the bar with them from around 7-8 pm until closing (which, in her brain, always mysteriously added up to about two hours) when, in fact, if their visit was truthful, it must have begun much later- closer to 10 or 11. Do the math on when they said they arrived and how long they claim they were there: they all claim they were at the bar far earlier than they could physically have been.

Here's the real issue about the alibi we've never looked at: Where were Bo, Marty, and Marilyn on the 11th? I mean, all goddamned day, not just the crap about the bar and beyond. Jeez, Loon's loonibi should read "Bar, Bed and Beyond". She could name a store likewise and sell overpriced pocket knives, tissue paper, and 3-yard rolls of medical tape in two different, convenient widths). Where were they, really, on the 11th? PCSO and DOJ never cared, but I want to know every move they made before they killed the Sharps and Dana. When was the last time they stopped by the Meeks home, for instance? What is up with Johnny starting the 11th at the Meeks home, yet PCSO never mentions it and ignores the fact his real best friend, Richard Meeks, has a totally different story about it than Sheila? That is incredible. Why? Because it simply is not credible! It's a damned outrage.

Why don't the PCSO care about the screwup between Richard Meeks' account and Sheila's? Don't lie to yourself that they don't know, and don't think they are working this case. Look at that timeline- has anyone ever figured out it was put together on a dot-matrix printer? Therefore, it puts that technology around 1980-1993. In other words, PCSO/DOJ/FBI haven't given one solid since 1993, at the very latest. Everything they say is pure lies. The current sheriff is a PIG.

Multiple murders, multiple murderers, and multiple law enforcement agencies involved in a cover-up that mirrors the murders in Mariposa. Right, this case has no legs.

You need a clean top cop to get to the bottom. All we see involved are idiots and corrupt pigs.
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