Why they went to Klamath Falls

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Postby vantravelor » Tue Jan 17, 2012 6:58 am

hey guys, ok i did some checking and my aunt helen (bos wife in the 50s and 60s) who was reported missing and supposedly never found was also the same person named margie shaw boone..her full name was margie helen shaw. i do know that there is a daughter vicki living in the carolinas. i think in nc..vicki boubede gargano.also i talked to my brother in law about when bo went to klamath falls and he was there for only 4 days..my brother in law said my sister might of had lunch with him and no one else was with him as far as he knows..he was staying at a motel and running a scam in some boiler room, but my sister wouldnt let him come by there house and she only seen him the one time..and no she never drove him anywhere..hope some of this helps.. :have_a_nice_day:
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Why they went to Klamath Falls

Postby Ausgirl » Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:49 am

This is in speculation, because I can't conclusively say that this is why - but when the coincidences get this thick, you have to go hmmm.

Adrian LeClair Chenault (the circus promoter that Marty went to work for in Walla Walla after the murders) would've been roughly Bo's age at the time.

His son (around Marty's age at the time, I think), Esten Thor Chenault (former president of some Medical Marijuana organisation, until he was beaten nearly to death a while back) AKA Esten T. Hansen (I still can't figure out why the name change, but there's a Roger O. and Barbara Hansen connected with him) - among other relatives have lived in Klamath Falls. In factm there's quite a list of Chenault relatives who have moved back and forth between Milton Freewater, Walla Walla and Klamath Falls.

No dates for those yet. But there's some pretty thick ties between Chenault folks and Klamath Falls. Oh hey, and 'medical marijuana'..

I've dug about in the Gatti-Charles Circus, the one Marty was purportedly selling tickets for..

Now what's of interest here is that the Gatti-Charles Circus (aka Circus Gatti/The American Continental Circus/The Canadian International Circus) was not only started by an Air Force man, but an AF man from Illinois. At least, he spent enough time there to appear in the census/births death & marriages registers - and was married in Indiana.

Also, the Gatti Circus (by any name) has for decades been associated with various Police Associations - the donate performances to raise money for the associations.

Severin John Boubede, as far as I know, had far more in common with Illinois and Indiana than Marty. I'm wondering if he knew people from Circus Gatti (and here I am NOT casting dispersions on the circus owners at all, just marking coincidences and speculating..) before coming to Keddie. Could that even have been why he was in Keddie?

Just a few further 'coincidental' linkups:

The fake police association Bo was peddling when he was arrested (and somehow prosecuted) under the name Michael S. Desantis was actually hauled over the coals in connection to fraud perpetuated by the people hired to promote it by telephone. There was also a link between Schira (a cop who caught 'Desantis', from sheer memory.. there's a link of some sort I don't have time to look up right now, I made a post about somewhere..) and this bogus Police Association mob - Schira was running the Police Hall of Fame and the Police Association whose name Bo used in his scams.

Remember when Bo said he gave up armed robbery for phone scams? He seems to have zeroed in on the cops as cover for those scams. Use the cops to rip off other cops and regular citizens in the name of the cops - he must've thought that was pretty funny. And here he is again, hanging around a circus that did gigs for ... police associations. And which hired promoters to sell tickets.

Marty was selling circus tickets in Milton Freewater, working for Adrian LeClair Chenault (whose son Esten is clearly a major doper). The circus itself has roots in both Illinois and Indiana, Bo's old stomping grounds.

And there was - don't be too shocked - complaints about ticket sellers pressuring people for sales regarding Gatti Circus Eugene, in 1972, mentions of misrepresentation, etc.. But the Police Association organisers had not hired promoters that year, only wives of members and High school kids to do the selling, and apparently all were cautioned as to wording and were doing a fine job. Yet, the council got complaints about people being pressured.. along with some other and undescribed form of 'misrepresentation'.

Anyhow, I wonder if/how long Bo followed the circus around, using fake PA ID's to rip people off. And I wonder if he already knew people from Gatti circus/ the police association/Klamath Falls.

And I can't help staring at how closely Bo worked, and for how long, with ripping off police and police-sponsored stuff.

This is all pretty rough as yet - but IMO it's worth looking into as a possible reason as to why Bo was in Keddie, and why they went to Klamath Falls in particular after the murders. And mayybe a hint of there being a link between Bo and Marty prior to Reno's VA hospital, but that's an even thinner rope right now. Will post if I find anything approaching conclusive.

Oh yeah - and as an almost total aside?

Some relative (son?) of Bo's former wife Helen/Margie Boubede/Shaw/Boone ( the one who went missing, presumed murdered, and the suspect was jailed without a body in the 90's) was using the name of Boubede and Helen's dead infant son "Michael Angelo Boubede" as an alias.

Richard Terry Boone, listed as a relative of Margie Shaw Boone, was booked under the name "Michael Angelo Boubede", among a stellar variety of others. He even had the child's birthdate right - so he's using a dead child's birth cert as fake ID, I'm betting. What a winner. :roll:

What I'm curious about is - who is this guy? Is he another of Boubede's kids? His real birth date is in 61 - wasn't Boubede still with Margie/Helen back then?

And that concludes this fly-by info dump.

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Re: Why they went to Klamath Falls

Postby azucena » Wed Aug 29, 2012 3:46 pm

Good to have you back Aus
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Re: Why they went to Klamath Falls

Postby Eastern » Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:03 pm

Klamath Falls seems to be a place where a lot of people surrounding this case spent time for one reason or another. Bo claimed in his interview to have met Marty before they hooked up at the VA hospital - perhaps they really did meet before and maybe it was on the carnival circuit. They both evidently had a fondness for working carnivals and cons.

Bo had a niece living in Klamath Falls and he did contact her while there according to his family. Her living there may have been an additional reason for him to go. I'm curious what he was doing when he was in Reno.

There are some threads on a datalounge board about carnivals and carnies. This one made me think of Bo and his penchant for police association scams. Over the years, we have had a ton of the types of calls they're talking about in this quote -

"Want a fun fact? Many of the real grifter game guys used to spend their winters running the "Badge Game." I'm sure you've gotten calls from the smooth telemarketers asking you to become a Police Department Booster or help your local Sheriff's Department send the poor kids to the circus. Well, in my day those guys were mostly carnies killing time over the winter. They didn't need the money as much as they just needed to go to bed knowing they had fucked someone that day. It's just the way they're wired. My old boss used to say that "those guys would rather lie on credit than get cash to tell the truth."
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Re: Why they went to Klamath Falls

Postby Princess » Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:09 pm

Richard Terry Boone is not one of Bo's sons, however Margie/Helen is his mother. I was also told that Bo was not with Margie/Helen in 1961.
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Re: Why they went to Klamath Falls

Postby Ausgirl » Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:57 am

Cheers, azucena. Though I'm not really 'back' per se - there's aspects of this board I prefer not to have to deal with on a regular basis. But I haven't lost interest or given up offering whatever I can to the case (for whatever that's worth). So I'm just posting when I find stuff that might be some vague interest, and am available now and then for discussion via PM.

E, didn't know about his niece (or have forgotten, dunno, it's been a while). Plenty of connections to Klamath Falls, then. I now wonder if Marty's cabin was offered as a slightly better place to doss down (better than a mental ward, anyway) until the circus came to town.. and if Bo had rellies in Klamath Falls, why he wasn't waiting there from the get go - rather than stay in Reno, then sleep on a manky couch in Keddie. And why, come to think of it, he'd prefer to have a partner at all, and have to split the money when he was able to pull scams on his own, and whether there was something else planned for Keddie/Quincy that didn't go quite as expected as it were. Just idle stuff to ponder on, I guess. And ha, gotta wonder if that poster on the carny forum knew Bo in the day...

Deb, awesome - thanks for that info and the PM. Boone was only of interest due to his age and connection to dope, as well as to Margie.. I doubt he had much to do with Bo, after all. It's really nice to be able to sort things like that out - as ever, you and your family have my gratitude in buckets for being here and being so open to talking to us all.
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Re: Why they went to Klamath Falls

Postby dmac » Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:34 am

The Chenault stuff is good, but I don't think it holds more than a handful of water. When we first saw it via Josh's post, it seemed like a Holy Grail- and it is in many respects, because it proves Bo and Marty were still sweetly in love. After a quad murder, they disappeared and joined the circus. Rejoined, more like. It took a lot of digging to find Chenault was real and that it was circus-related- hell, it took 30 unanswered emails to museums and libraries and historical societies before I bumbled across that Eugene article last week proving Chenault was a circus scammer- err, I mean 'entrepreneur'. I even located a woman who worked for them as a secretary, travelling from work in Milton-Freewater to Walla Walla for her college classes- she did that in the late 70s, so Chenault was alive and cooking- under the radar of all local knowledge. The lady I found turned out to be Adrian's sister in law- no wonder she ignored my email requests and deleted her profile.

We know Adrian was an ex-military 'entrepreneur' who worked the circuit, and Bo particularly had known him or maybe even worked with him prior. Marty didn't- his carny background is bull cuz he was too busy pumping out kids- we do NOT see stretches where Marty disappeared- other than AFTER the murders. We don't know a lot abt his earlier days- the road trip with his pregnant wife and 4 kids? Hitching to see a friend on the Pac Coast until her water broke in Corvallis and spoiled all the fun? That alone proves we're dealing with a loser whose main concern was his loser self!

The Chenault link is Bo. The military aspect is absolute crap- no bearing whatsoever.

If the topic is about WHY THEY WENT TO KLAMATH, your OP is all about Chenault, which was Milton-Freewater, not 30 miles north across the border in Walla Walla. And the only commonality between M-F and Klamath is the state and proximity to state borders for easy escape.

I don't understand the title of the post or it's supposed direction. Klamath isn't the direction of your post, Aus- and Klamath is of interest, but "why they went to Klamath" is already pretty clear: Bo had relatives there and he knew the place- he rattled off the Arcade Hotel freely, and I don't think he had internets or Klamath phone books to research cheap post-murder flophouses. I doubt like HELL he had reservations on April 14! I doubt the Arcade understood what a reservation MEANT! it was a freaking flophouse Bo already knew. Or his niece told him because she honestly did NOT want him on her couch for the next six weeks/months. She knew what a douchebag Bo was. Klamath smells of Bo, but Klamath shows up with a lot of people in this case. It was one of the first big stops off the Western Pacific Highline route for one, and it had a lot of the same work (not jobs, just hopes of work) as Plumas: Timber. There are a load of cities that spring to mind when it comes to finding people in this case.

Klamath Falls

I think the common thread is they are hard working towns, hard drinking towns, and a lot of the people in this bastard of a case are hard-living people. Not by choice but by economic reality. Reaganomics trickling down all over them- all that trickles down is diarrhea off the shiny boots of the rich.

Why were they in Klamath? Bo and his family connection- and Bo had prolly stayed at the Arcade before- logic says he KNEW it, not guessed it.

Why were they in Milton-Freewater? Chenault. Again, Bo is calling the shots- Marty is the the catcher, Bo the pitcher in this relationship. PERIOD. "We're out of here (Arcade) on Monday! Get your crap together, Marty, or you're under the bus!" Bo likely made a few calls of his own from the 3rd floor of the Arcade, and Chenault answered.

We now know Chenault was circus/carny- and that's a HUGE step because it shows the love affair was still in bloom after the murders. Yes, Marty did not lie to his therapist when he walked in and said he was joining the circus. Yes, Bo was pulling all kinds of scams, but you'r really missing the point about him working with Chenault:

Bo was on the path DOWN. This is a killer with mob ties and he ran his own badge and pig advert scams, now he subjected himself to working for another guy? For what? No money, he wanted anonymity and travel.

By the time he was busted in 88, Bo had been many places and rebuilt himself up under the sharp aegis of a guy named Bobby Lake Desantis Boubede. He wasn't working for Chenault then, nor was he piggybacking a buttfuck like Marty- he was lone wolf pussyboy, doing the same crap he did 20 years prior, but DOJ knew and patted him on the head this time. Those checks in his briefcase when he was busted? Lotta dough- not stupid Chenault chicken feed. Bo worked Chenault because he was strung out and needed to HIDE.
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Re: Why they went to Klamath Falls

Postby Ausgirl » Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:52 pm

I don't understand the title of the post or it's supposed direction. Klamath isn't the direction of your post, Aus

Well. As stated in the previous posts:

Seeing as the Chenaults and their close kin had at various points lived in Klamath Falls, and being unaware (or forgetful,w/e) of the fact Bo had rellies there too, I had thought there may have been a connection of some kind between Bo and/or Marty and the Chenaults prior to 81, making the Chenaults and/or rellies a point of contact in KF.

Particularly as Esten Chenault/Hansen is clearly a major pothead and would have been in his 30's back then - I thought it may be a little bit pertinent that he ended up president of a 'medical marijuana' crowd and their distribution office (which is where he was badly assaulted by a guy looking for dope).. I had figured they could have gone to Klamath Falls for one or both reasons - cop scam/possible dope supply.

Seeing as Bo had rellies there too, as E pointed out, it makes the connection perhaps a bit more tenuous. But it adds to a pile of coincidences, doesn't it? Like the Schira/Bo/Police Association scam stuff, and so many other aspects of this case.

I hope that clears it up for you.
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Re: Why they went to Klamath Falls

Postby Ausgirl » Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:06 am

EDIT: Seeing as the Chenaults and their close kin had at various points lived in Klamath Falls *** as well as Walla Walla and Milton Freewater***
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