A Takeoff on John Douglas' Profile & Theory

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A Takeoff on John Douglas' Profile & Theory

Postby Eastern » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:26 pm

Ache came up with an interesting theory recently that would fit both Sue and Tina being targets, but in different ways than some of the other theories. What if Sue had been saying she was going to move and someone wanted to prevent that? Sue's divorce was supposed to be final the week of the murders or the week after. Maybe she was expecting to be guaranteed more child support when her divorce was final and that she would have more money to move, or that someone else assumed she would be able to move after her divorce.

It also wouldn't be a stretch if Sue was just plain fed up with Plumas and was expressing a desire to move. She had been struggling in the area and it didn't turn out to be a good environment for the kids. Was there someone who didn't want Tina to leave or to have Sheila leave? There have been a lot of rumors about how the Meeks had some hard feelings about the baby being given up for adoption and they blamed Sue. Other rumors and also records that Tina had been molested. Was there someone who was afraid Sue was going to move and Tina or Sheila would no longer be available?

Sue was also newly dating Dareyl and there may have been speculation that she would move with him. Tina talked about how she thought Sue was going to get married to Joe Baze previously and was excited about it. Maybe she was expressing the same thing about Dareyl and Sue, and someone surmised they would move back to Paradise where he had been living previously.

It's always bothered me that there were rumors that Tina was pregnant by Marty, although I don't think she was. Why even link the two of them if there wasn't a reason for linking Tina and Marty? I also don't think she helped the killers like Doug Thomas implied. John Douglas is an expert and it's always puzzled me how he came up with the scenario he did in his profile of the murders viewtopic.php?f=15&t=874&hilit=FBI+profile. He didn't have all the records or photos from the case, but he keyed in on the murders being about a pedo who "loved" Tina. Maybe he's right and maybe his insight comes from him knowing how young girls in Tina's circumstances are vulnerable and something in the crime keys him into a certain type of pedo. Not sure made a great post about how a typical girl under Tina's circumstances commonly reacts and is easy prey for an older guy being nice to her and making her think he was the solution to all her problems viewtopic.php?f=7&t=866&p=11670&hilit=Tina#p11670. Keep in mind, that in no way puts any blame on Tina.

Something seems off about Douglas' profile and it might be that Tina wasn't complicit at all and that she had no idea someone she liked would harm Sue (credit to ache). I think it played out like Justin said - Tina unexpectedly entered the scene. I also don't think Tina was meant to die and that she was killed because she saw what happened and knew who the killers were. His profile is unsure of there being more than one killer, but I think most agree now that there was more than one, and two killers doesn't fit his scenario of a lone pedo killing so that he could whisk Tina away to live with him elsewhere. It's also harder to see two killers jointly murdering so they could take Tina away for pedo purposes. That makes me think that the second killer did not know what the full motive was of the other killer if this really was about a pedo. The killer raging about how Sue was interfering with his marriage may have also been a pedo hiding behind a macho persona and reason to murder. ;) He wanted Sue gone because she would take Tina away from him. That may also explain the reactions from Rick, Loon, Justin, Spencer, etc. if they were aware that there was more to Tina and Marty.
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Re: A Takeoff on John Douglas' Profile & Theory

Postby azucena » Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:59 am

Another very thoughtful and insightful post, Eastern. As everyone knows I have tossed around the idea of Tina being a sexual abuse victim, and possibly pregnant, as a motive, and as the reason she was removed from the cabin, as a way of being sure no one ever knew about this. There are so many possible scenarios... What i do remember of Sue was that she was a quiet , low key kind of person, and did not open up about her life easily.
A few constants about Tina seem to be that she was vulnerable, emotionally and socially a bit immature for her age, with some learning disabilities. She had been a previous molest victim, sought out attention from older males at least one we know of: ( her Special Ed Teacher, Joel Lipsey, who later was convicted of sexual abuse with a minor ) As well, her sister became pregnant at a young age, and perhaps in Tina's mind was the receipient of a lot of attention as a result. Younger sisters tend to emulate their older sisters, and Tina , albeit unconsciously, may have thought if the same thing happened to her, she would end up getting more attention. No doubt, Sue had her hands full: Johnny was semi out of control, Shelia had gotten pregnant, there were a lot of stressors in the family. If this correlates to the motive for the murders, we don't know. I feel your theory that Tina awakened and created a problem for the killers makes a lot of sense, which is why she was taken from the cabin and the boys were not. I also think it is plausible Justin was threatened, and I am still mulling over whether he was threatened into keeping quiet by the killers, someone in LE or both. I also do not discount a third or even a fourth perp . Mrs Meeks in an earlier post stated she believed the third person involved was Dee Lake, who is also high on my list at least as abetting the killers( removing Tina, providing transport) if not directly involved. I also believe Marilyn is involved.
i continue to question people around here who were living here in 1981, and as is often the case, people's memories have faded. However, I believe there are people whose memories are still very clear, and know exactly what happened.
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