What position?

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What position?

Postby Zenobia » Fri Feb 12, 2010 1:48 pm

What position were the victims in when they died? Is there any way to guess who died first??
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Postby Night Rider » Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:25 pm

I believe it can be said that Sue was lying on the sofa. That seems to have been all of her blood showing on the pillow.

It has been said that Johnny was lying below her on the floor, paralell to the sofa.

It appears that Dana was tied up to him maybe by one leg. The question is why was that sofa pillow placed where it was? It is said that Dana's head was lying on it, but then how does that explain his supposed rigidity?

As to who was first, that is a kinda loaded question, given all the phony stories everyone up there has said since the next day.

Three victims, one of them pretty much known to have been there since about six pm. The other two seemingly seen everywhere except there, at least until after say 10:30pm. And both of them seemingly "easy pickin" for anyone.

It has always been my somewhat opinion that whoever started in on Sue did so BEFORE the kids walked in.

If Sue was the first, and the oldest person in the cabin, does that not slightly suggest motive? It's just what motive does it really suggest? Hundreds of people are murdered each year because of the "dirt" they have on other people. Then how many of those may have been kids?
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