Hey Y'all

introduce yourself, & tell us how you became interested in the case.

Hey Y'all

Postby leenie963 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:19 am

Thanks for allowing me to join the discussion. I came across this case years ago, under a different forum. I read what was posted and after time and blown pc's.
(I'm hell on my laptops) I found this site and was immediately fascinated with overwhelming information, facts and discussions that may lead to justice for the victims. I've been reading and making mental notes, searching past discussion so when I do post I will try not to regurgitate what's most likely been answered/discussed to bits.

My focus for now are the facts: the three boys left alive; Marilyn/Loon; and the victims themselves, in particular the tragic brutality inflicted. Just reading about this alone has gotten in my craw and has kept me up at night with running thoughts that won't shut off.

Again, thanks for the add and thanks to the sages who've worked so hard and share their findings.
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