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Postby Cheerwine » Sat May 13, 2017 3:07 pm

Honestly, I ACCEPT that the killers got away with the Keddie murders, but I can't stop thinking about the victims, just like I cannot quit thinking about little Jon-Benet and Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, and sweet, little Caylee Anthony.

Law Enforcement/District Attorneys (at any level) are simply ill-equipped (and too stubborn) to ever get it truly right. It's awfully horrible that people get away with murder all the time in our wonderful country because LE/DA is more concerned with getting ANY conviction than actually finding and prosecuting the actual perpetrators (usually due to media pressure). They will do anything to make themselves look good. Most of their efforts have more to do with getting someone ELECTED than anything else (and fucking media pressure). This is called hubris.

I am a mother, and this is what I tell my daughter who just turned 18:

Never, ever, ever pull over for a police officer on a highway or dark road!!! Make them follow you to a place where there are cameras and LOTS of people and BRIGHT lights! I don't care if you make them follow you all the way home (for as many miles as it takes). DO NOT STOP ANYWHERE FOR WHICH LE CANNOT TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!! Fuck those little cameras on their cars/uniforms. Protect yourself from the police at all times, under ALL circumstances!! Race does not matter, folks! Black, white, brown, yellow: protect yourselves! Most police officers are probably okay, but you just cannot take the chance that you will not be victimized by a bad one. Don't fight them, once you are in a safe place. Let them take you into custody! Just like predators, they all look normal, but they will kill you if you resist! If you are a police officer and reading this, YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT!

If you get arrested for anything, ALWAYS give them your ID/Insurance Info/Registration, but don't say ANYTHING. Do NOT submit to any further questions, and certainly do not submit to any tests (especially videos/sobriety tests/extraction of bodily fluids). CALL YO MAMA (or your lawyer) immediately and STFU!!

Remember this: 90% of people in prison today are there because they could not keep their fucking mouths shut!!

These Keddie murders have been solved by Dmac, but until LE/DOJ, etc. are able to admit it, without looking good, it will NEVER happen. Poor Sue and her children! AND fuck you SEABOLT Lady!! Sue was doing the best she could; how dare you judge her, you stupid bitch!

I bet it was really fun for those psychopaths, Bo-Mart, to just go over and hurt Sue and her children! They thought they deserved to indulge themselves, and the truth be told, we ALL know they KNEW they could get away with it (fucking assholes)!

Anyone that can hurt an innocent being, especially an innocent child (or animal), should be given the death penalty. Oh, and for those of you who do not believe in the death penalty, I agree with you because it costs a lot more to house a death row inmate and pay for ALL of their appeals than it does to house a lifer. However, let's deal with that by re-instituting the firing squad or the guillotine, so they don't go peacefully, then maybe we could get rid of the death penalty all together. It's cheaper on us taxpayers to let these rejects rot! AND, if for some reason they are proved innocent (or fucking clinically crazy), we can fucking let them go (or put them into an institution)! This is a no-brainer!

If you are an American, then you pay for your freedom by doing everything you can to protect the innocent; however, you must understand that the executory branch of our government is seriously flawed, and that in order for you to be safe, you must be aware of and BELIEVE in the perpetual and inevitable flaws of law enforcement AND DISTRICT ATTORNEYS (since they are humans) in order to protect yourselves and your families.

This post is for Sue and her children. She just wanted to make her children safe from THEIR OWN FATHER! She just wanted to relax and enjoy her life with her children. Instead, she and HER CHILDREN were all victims of circumstance (to put it lightly), and their killers got away with it because Law Enforcement not only did not protect them, but took the side of their murderers, so they could look good (and not admit to their perpetual and inevitable human flaws).

RIP, Sue, Johnny, Dana and Tina! I will always appreciate every day, even more, knowing that you made a sacrifice for all of us.
I realize that I am not safe in this world because of what happened to you, since all of you were just like me, trying to navigate this life without encountering the evil that was, for you, BO-MART, and "law enforcement" that contaminated and ended your legacy for their own selfish reasons! :~(

This is called HUBRIS; LOOK IT UP!!

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