Mary Mophead: FEED THIS BIRD (Pix of Matchstick Morons)

Mary Mophead: FEED THIS BIRD (Pix of Matchstick Morons)

Postby dmac » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:47 pm

Here's another new low, someone trying to sell a Keddie matchbook based on the notoriety of the crime. She came to me, asking for intel on how to get the most buck for the bang. Some people are so shallow, moronic, disgusting, heartless. She's the "IT Whore of 2017":



    I don't have any interest in the crime itself...but I do have a Matchbook from the Keddie resort.

    In trying to research and ascertain the value of the matchbook, I came across your post about the "Enjoy life - eat out more often" matches.

    I was wondering if it would be an interest for you to know that the Keddie Resort their own branded matches - one of which I have. (I've attached a photo so you can see for a reference.)

    Anyway, this leads me to believe the matches in question in the post had to have come from somewhere other than the resort itself.

    Don't know of this information is of any value or interest. But there you go.




    Yes, I've seen those matches but they date from the 1960s before the English family sold off the property. They aren't related to the SY Rykoff matches found at the crime scene (Eat out More Often logo). Different maker, different era.

    Your matches have kitsch value, but it's a pretty disgusting kitsch niche that hasn't got 'reputation' value like Manson crap does. Ask John Waters directly, he'd buy it if he knows of the crimes, and he'd pay a collector's price long before it reaches "collector" value. That's how weird that squirrelly shit is. Money to burn and not a match in sight. I worked with him on Cry Baby and Serial Mom back in the 90s. Not a bad fellow on set, but trying to get Van Houten out is a sign of serious mental issues where his mirth from the pain of others is manifesting itself outwardly.

    Sell it at your own price. It is, after all, a price you're willing to pay.



    Yeah, like I said, I have no idea about the crimes, or what John waters would have to do with it. ..

    I just resale vintage matches. ..and ran across these posts.

    Your are the one running a website based on these crimes. who is the one profiting here anyway?



    Profiting? I'd say the US Gov't selling coke from the CIA's relationship to Panama is 100% why this crime is unsolved. This is Iran / Contra, something you'll laugh at.

    Our government is FUCKED. Long before Trump. Remember, Bush 1 was the CIA head long before he took a demotion as veep, and a demotion as prezident bitch cunt in chief.

    That's not a matchbook. It's sad fucking fact.


This dumb whore selling matchbooks on a cheap Hollywood street corner is from the 30s, something she should appreciate. "Tuppence a Bag"!
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Re: Mary Mophead: FEED THIS BIRD (Pix of Matchstick Morons)

Postby budrfligh » Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:52 pm

Um weren't the matches extensively researched? I don't like blood money so I hope they aren't sold to some ghost hunter or groupie.
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