A couple unwanted gestures about longstandin members

A couple unwanted gestures about longstandin members

Postby dmac » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:33 am

I'm not religious, a blatant athiest. If you are cross-scared, pray for ButterflyValley. She's a huge friend of mine, I love her to death, and I've spent hundreds of hours with her simply because we met via this sad case. Many may recall she was the PostMaster at the old Keddie Post Office, which was the front room of cabin 27, later the Seabolt cabin. Her knowledge of Keddie not only helped my mapping efforts flourish, she forged critical humanity into our understanding of what Keddie was really like, a family-friendly fabric long before Mollath turned it into a dead-end drug den.

If you pray, pray with her in mind. Otherwise, keep your best thoughts and wishes with Butterfly. Please.

Another Butterfly, Budrfligh, lemme know if I should delete this. I know when you joined, you said "my child is a murder victim" and I asked you to take it offline, to prove to me it's true. So many assholes claim so much crap, and it's sad I had to ask. But you proved it, and I think you find many parallels between c28 and your own loss. Your main insult is the lack of respect shown by LE, right?

Sorry, Budr- I know we've had our ups and downs, and I certainly want to honor your dedication rather than add insult to injury by mentioning your personal history. Not my place, forgive me if I've overstepped my small shadow by stating what you won't because you don't want it known. But I believe you want it known, just as you insist on keeping this site about Cabin 28 rather than your own pain. Respect.
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Re: A couple unwanted gestures about longstandin members

Postby budrfligh » Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:38 pm

I'm honored being included in this post. I've read as Manny if Butterfly Valley's posts as I could find. This brought tears to my eyes. I am not hiding my experience as a homicide victims mom. I am never not in an almost crying state after 11 years. It can hit me at anytime like it was yesterday. Never worry about discussing this with me. I feel it adds perspective to a lot of cases. I didn't want just anyone reading the story because location is protected by me from potential killers. In my circles I know there are a few in the groups by process of elimination. So Dmac we can most certainly discuss it from my perspective. I know what it feels like to scream silently for vengence and then justice. I also know how hollow it is because I am still without my son- Jesse( not Wolf) I also was fucked by cops who didn't think my son deemed a proper investigation. I learned how many young men disappear and cops don't blink an eye. The papers were only interested after his remains were discovered they are vultures. There are b.s. stories online and a collection of racist white supremacist smut that would upset my boy if he was here. We are not a racist family. I can say this experience in regards to this case has always made me go wtf regarding how the family isn't beating down doors to get it solves. I laid my soul bare as did his siblings and his many friends. We told whatever needed telling including the kids and their pot/alcohol usage and my relationships. It didn't matter and there were no more secrets. All we wanted was to find him and two years later when we had we wanted justice for Jesse. Which we got as far as on this plane. There is no closure there is no justice unless his killer died and Jesse came home. I just can't wrap my head around these people who claim to love the victims yet simply let it go. Or to profit off this case to me is blood money and offensive doesn't describe that. Thankfully we care enough about the victims to keep trying. Muaw Dmac.

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