Jack Webb: Humor vs Horror

Jack Webb: Humor vs Horror

Postby dmac » Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:47 am

As few may recall, I'm a Jack Webb buff. I love his films and openly mock Dragnet, particularly the hippie-laden characterizations of crimes and criminals therein. It wasn't Harry "Col Potter" Morgan as Bill Gannon that was the comedic foil to the tragic tales. No, it was the premise and logic of the DRAGNET itself that made Jack Webb a fucking pathetic joke.

Here's a line I recall from the first time I heard it as an adult (it meant nothing to me before I knew drugs and how impossibly fucked this line is:

"marijuana is the match, heroin is the fuse, LSD is the bomb"

Webb made better TV, particularly the groundbreaking EMERGENCY series in the 70s. When he made ADAM-12, he basically retooled DRAGNET into a squad team's daily calls. He was Malloy, Reed was Gannon. A-12 began as cheesy as DRAGNET, but smoothed out. Still almost always hinky, but rarely as obvious as when Webb was so directly involved. For instance, Martin Milner had been a successful child actor, yet Adam 12 made everyone think Webb had taken the 6x6x12 timber from his ass and shoved it up Milner's. Only after a couple seasons, the characters- AND ACTORS- could relax and put personalities into their game.

By the final season of A12, Reed's hair was criminally woolly. Some may say the series was tired. But it wasn't. It was finally dealing with reality in a harsh way.

Best Example: In episode X-Force, Reed and Malloy find a pervert who did something awful to a child. Malloy finds the girl in the perp's house, calls for Reed, and runs after the perp. Reed comes to the scene, and almost retches at what he sees before calling for backup. Malloy finds the perp, struggles with him, cuffs him, and continues to rough him up as the sicko berates him.

That's about as real as a12, much less TV as a whole, got to admitting child molestation. The way it was shot is impressive. It says a lot without showing anything but disaster. I recommend you watch that episode and try to find an earlier example of something so horrific explained so deftly and obviously on US TV. It's a short and devastating scene.

I don't want to berate that episode for how poorly it dealt with IA (internal affairs) procedures and how hoaky that is, just that it put child abduction/molestation/murder on the fucking map for America to see. That is a very important moment in TV history.

A-12 is a better show than most recall. It's an earmark, a history lesson on how simply many issues were resolved without police murdering innocents. It's also a joke, concerning how day-2-day is taught and done. Beyond the fact we know ADAM 12 was a big lie to the American public, watch this child molestation episode and tell us what you take away from it:


Something else of note: The overhead and outdoor shots of the HQ where Adam 12 was filmed? It's one of the most notorious LAPD stations in LAPD history, where heavyweights in the LAPD Drug and Gang taskforces were heads of local gangs, and also heads of "protection" for big rappers. Triple-dipping gangbangers as ultra-cops at Adam 12 Drug Enforcement? RING ANY MOTHERFUCKING BELLS?? Sorry, bruise a knee and if you call a cop, your aunt gets whacked.

You may think I'm joking. I've posted about it elsewhere on the forum, with links to the connections to gangs and murders and rap. LA Times, not dmac delusions. The squad building was LAPD Rampart. This weak wiki article barely touches what made Malloy and Reed resign in disgrace.

Amazing how I make a running joke on the forum only prove police corruption is ongoing, and much further-reaching, than we'd previously acknowledged.

Without Malloy pulling that stick out of his ass, and the scripts getting barely realistic, I'd never have researched and found the TV cop station is the now-closed Rampart station.

BTW, Jack Webb never called the Adam 12 station by name. He used RAMPART as the fictitious name of the hospital of his next hit, EMERGENCY.

EMERGENCY is Webb's most important creation. He not only closely dramatized the truth in the 2-hour soapy debut, that show is responsible for spreading LA-style ER units across America, is responsible for people knowing the basics of when someone's in trouble- the early 70s ERT training, and- most importantly- for putting so many men and women into that most important first-responder field. Without any doubt, EMERGENCY! put "emergency responders" into the worldwide lexicon.

When casting EMERGENCY, Webb was open minded. A notorious far right-winger, he not only cast his ex-wife, Julie London, as the lead nurse... he cast her new husband, Bobby Troupe as the 2nd lead doctor on EMERGENCY. Troupe was a jazz pianist bandleader, Julie was a sultry, smoky singer of pop standards and jazz. Troupe even wrote the song, "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66", which became a tv theme for the show Malloy- err, Martin Milner- starred in: Route 66.

Unless there was evil-levels of spite in those choices, it makes Jack Webb far damned cooler than I'd suspected. Of course, paying his ex AND her new hubbie to work his shows meant there was ZERO divorce settlement, so it was a Hollywood arrangement?

See, even this gets sick and twisted down the HWood Reality Sewer.

I can take Adam 12 from Jack Webb's TV pride to a proved insider gangland drug-fuck-murder scandal with one article, yet we've put hundreds of leads together, all pointing to our understanding of widespread corruption between SOME members of PCSO and SOME members of DOJ, and everyone freaks out like a puppy's tail crushed by a kitten's paw?!

Fuck you maggots and maggots. PCSO and CA-DOJ webt in with cover-up as the only outcome. Fuck you morons for not seeing it.

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