Sci Fi Fans?

Sci Fi Fans?

Postby dmac » Sat Feb 24, 2018 2:53 am

I read sci-fi as a kid, maybe for a year. I also hooked up an old Heathkit system and built an antenna that drew in stations 1200 miles away. So, ever heard of Cliff Robertson? He was a great actor who was blackballed in the 70s for being too vocal about corruption in Hwood. He won an Oscar for his portrayal of Charlie Gordon in the film adaption of FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON. The film is called Charly Find it, watch it.

Robertson also was fantastic as moron cowboy badass "Shame" in four episodes of Batman. Funny as hell: "Shame!... Shame!... Come back, Shame!"

Why Cliff Robertson in this post? Because the very first episode of Outer Limits is on channel 9.4 COMET TV. I saw this as a kid, when I was reading sci-fi and tinkering with radio reception. It fucking blew my mind. "The Galaxy Being". 1963

55 years on, this is still top-notch TV, and damned fine sci-fi sensibility. ... alaxyBeing
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