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Keddie / Quincy Videos

Postby dmac » Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:40 am

I'll start posting a few vids related to the layout and history of Keddie / Quincy / Pumas here.This is a great piece on the California Zephyr, whch ran from Chicago to San Fran, right through Keddie. Plumas Canyon begins at roughly 15:30.

great vid.

This next one is a pretty damned good helmet cam vid of a bike ride from Antelope Lake thru Quincy. At 13 minutes, they approach the turnoff from Arlington Rd (A22), turning left on 89 towards the union with 70. That's right at the 20:00 mark, where the river goes under the road from the falls Tina and the kids supposedly hung out at (on the left). Unfortunately, at the junction with 70 he decides to turn off the cam, so we miss all of the canyon, past Keddie, uphill to Quincy. It resumes in front of the Courthouse Cafe- surprisingly situated directly across from the courthouse. At 21, they drive east [left] on Main and head one-way east. Ayoobs is on the immediate left.

On the next block (on the left) is the movie theatre, where a tiny arcade was supposedly sandwiched in next door back in 81. Two doors down, again on the left, is the adoption services company Dana's home dad, Dan Dorris, began with his wife and a partner months after Dana's murder. If I've seen good people in this case, it's the Dorrises. I may be wrong, but they seemed to take in kids out of a sincere desire to help.

Two doors down is the Plumas Club. Hail all you Stampers. They ride east continuously, but there's a short cutoff where Main and Lawrence intersect by the high school. It resumes yards later in front of the Safeway complex. the cemetery is on the left at exactly 23:00. Right at 23:35, when he turns off the cam, thats where the meat market used to be on the left- the butchers. Now its a (closed?) mex restaurant.

Sorry, I haven't looked beyond that point yet, but if the go to Oroville from EQ, my best guess is they ride the roads past Camp 18 that Marty, Bo, Dee drove when driving for hours to dump Tina's body at Camp Eighteen. I'll look at it later and tell you if I'm right- if others don't beat me to the punch. Good stuff, folks, this vid of Main St is 100000 times better than what we meticulously shot when in Keddie/Quincy.
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Re: Keddie / Quincy Videos

Postby quincygirl » Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:17 am

My Grandmother from Illinois rode that Zephyr every year until 1963 to visit us. We would pick her up in Keddie.
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