Karl Spang's van.

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Karl Spang's van.

Postby meankitty » Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:19 pm

I know that K.S. has admitted to making up statements, but it's possible he really was in Keddie the night of the murders.

810411-0000a Karl S. follows the two cars from Meadow Valley to Keddie. The blue LTD parks in front of the house just south of the Sharp residence. The small car went past the Sharps and turned left. Karl then drives his blue and primer ’67 Chevrolet van across the bridge to the pond and waits for the vehicles to come out. He waits long enough to smoke a “joint” and then leaves and drives to the Pioneer Bar in Greenville. He also admits making up parts of a previous statement to a deputy.

810412-0001b Karl S. stated that he followed the two cars to Keddie in his van. The blue LTD or similar car was parked in front of the residence just south of the Sharp residence. The light-colored small car drove past the Sharp residence and turned left. Karl drove past the blue car and the Sharp residence. He saw that the inside lights were on and the curtains were drawn and the orange porch light was on the front porch. Then Karl turned down the same street as the smaller car and he couldn't see it anywhere. Karl drove to the pond across the bridge and parked there to wait for the vehicles to come out. The vehicles never came out, so he left and went straight to the Pioneer Bar in Greenville. Approximate time: midnight. Reported to Stoy and Wright.

810411-2200b Timothy D. left the Backdoor Bar and saw a van, dark color, square-shaped, parked across the bridge by the pond on the right side. En route to Keddie he saw no one walking or hitchhiking. After leaving Keddie he saw only the van. Approximate time: 10:00 pm to midnight.

Here is a picture of a '67 Chevy van.
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Re: Karl Spang's van.

Postby Chichibcc » Thu Mar 03, 2011 1:50 pm

Didn't Sheila say that she and her friend were followed one day by someone in a van? (I think she said it was a van, but I'm not completely sure).
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Re: Karl Spang's van.

Postby tinkerbell » Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:42 pm

Yes we were and now I could not tell you the color.
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Re: Karl Spang's van.

Postby BUTTERFLYVALLEY1 » Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:39 pm

If this has already been explained, please remove. If a car, or anything, took a left after passing Sue's house, they went one of three places, down to the Keddie flats (swimming hole or to swinging bridge), to the road just before you would have to go and instead go left on that road which would wind behind the bar and out of town again, or in the cleared area behind the Sharp and Seabolt house and park turn off life and disappear into the dark. It used to be really dark back there at night. Not scary, just dark. Now you all, understand that I am saying "if" there was such a car and not just a dream. I thought the boys never went to Meadow Valley or Mt. Hough that night. Wasn't there some kind of do going on at Oakland Camp that night? That is not that far from Keddie. ::-|
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