Dorris / Dana's Home Maps

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Dorris / Dana's Home Maps

Postby dmac » Wed Nov 12, 2014 8:38 pm

I found this great aerial shot on Panoramio. It shows where Dana was living (1981 Dorris home), and a few other notable things in the area:


1= the Dorris home on Bell Lane, where Dana was placed by Plumas courts

2= 1898 Quincy Jnct. Rd., where Frank Mike Davis moved just prior to the murders. Dee Lake moved there after the murders. Roughly 1/4 mile from Dana's residence.

3= Railroad line, heading north to Keddie

RED LINE= Quincy Jnct. Rd.. Where it turns left is Chandler Rd., heading towards Oakland Camp


1= the Dorris home on Bell Lane
2= 1898 Quincy Jnct. Rd.
3= Railroad line, heading north to Keddie
GREEN LINE= Railroad Line
RED LINE= Quincy Jnct. Rd, and route to Oakland Camp = 3 miles
YELLOW LINE= Direct foot route to Oakland Camp = 2.5 miles
RED LINE= Quincy Jnct. Rd and the route towards Oakland Camp

The close proximity (1/4 mile) between Dana and Mike Davis in the days/weeks prior to the murders is troubling, particularly considering Davis and the Albins told PCSO he moved out of Cabin 13 prior to April 1, yet he recently said he moved out the night of the murders. Why the shift in stories?

Also, for those entertaining any theories surrounding Oakland Camp, from Dana's home to the entry gate of the camp is 3 miles by road, 2.5 by foot.
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