Chuck Walke Outtake

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Chuck Walke Outtake

Postby dmac » Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:02 pm

As I'm overhauling the Keddie YouTube channel, I'm adding some annotations to the individual videos to point out important points, contradictions, lies, etc. To begin with, here's a much-overlooked video outtake of Chuck Walke, claiming "one time [LE] let me into [cabin 28]" He claims the carpet and walls were still intact, as he mentions 'blood spatter', etc.

The idea LE would allow a suspect into the cabin, much less that they would do it in the brief time after LE got there yet PRIOR to the carpet and wall chunks being removed into evidence, is beyond belief. The whole story, as usual, sounds like Chuck trying to sound important.

Yeah, LE went to him... for advice!

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