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RSS Enabled & Subscriptions

Postby dmac » Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:15 pm

ATOM/RSS Feeds have been enabled for the site. If you have a reader, or your browser is feed-capable, the address / subscription URL is:

Visit the link. If you get results, it means your browser is capable. I know it works in IE and Firefox, and not in Opera. Chrome isn't safe, so I won't use it.

It's a great tool, and is easy access to all the latest posts on the forum... it displays the last 75 posts on the forum.

Another way to remain current with the forum: SUBSCRIPTIONS. Keep in mind, you MUST be a forum member.

Simply log onto the forum, then go to your USER CONTROL PANEL(UCP)-- the UCP link appears near the upper left when you log on. From the OVERVIEW tab of the UCP, click on the 'MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS' sub-category (found on the left). Under the 'MARK' column (on the right of the new screen), choose each box representing the areas you wish to keep up-to-date on. Then click on the button at the bottom right: 'WATCH MARKED'.

It's that easy. Whenever a new post is added to any area you subscribe to, you'll immediately be notified via the email address you used to sign up to the forum.

You can add or remove any/all SUBSCRIPTIONS the same way via your UCP.


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