Keddie case

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Keddie case

Postby jordy87 » Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:00 pm

Hi I'm from Scotland and a huge fan of true crime documentaries. I only recently stumbled across the Cabin 28 documentary, which was very in depth and very well made but i am weary of Justin. His credibility is lost on me because he has given various accounts of what happened that night. I saw photos of Bo one of the alleged accomplices from circa late 1980's. He looks like your typical gangster type.From everything i learned about Marty from the documentary, i wouldn't be the least bit suprised if he was involved in the murders.
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Re: Keddie case

Postby dmac » Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:46 pm

Welcome to the site and forum. This thread is pretty good for newbies to get a grasp of critical elements in the case.

The "documentaries" are a fraud, perpetrated by a charlatan. Josh chose to withhold much of truth from the boxes of case files he stole from PCSO, from the work done by various producers/assistants who quit in disgust, and from the interviews conducted. Instead, his crapumentaries focused on ghost stories from nefarious fraudsters, dispelling some old rumors while repeating others, and skimming over ages-old theories (most of which are now thoroughly discredited). His intent was to bury the truth and continue making more documentaries to exploit the victims and crimes for monetary profit. He'd announced he was beginning production on Part Three when he was unmasked by members of the forum, which sent him scurrying into hiding like a cockroach when the lights go on. He announced on his FB page that, instead of releasing Part Three, he'd taken the case as far as humanly possible, then withdrew his DVDs from sale. Shortly thereafter, he deleted his FB and YT pages altogether.

As for Justin, considering his mom looks to be fully involved in the murders and coverup, and his step dad at the time was another killer, Marty Smartt, his faltering/changing stories make more sense. When the guy interviewing Justin is a corrupt sheriff who was best pals with Marty Smartt, and may have been nailing Loon on the side, Justin was pretty wise to stop telling the truth.

Regardless of the motives behind the killings themselves, there is a very short list of possible motives for LE's criminal interference in the solving of this case. Corrupt members of PCSO and DOJ intentionally screwed this case, and the only reasons I can come up with are drugs, protecting powerful (Plumas) people, and Bo's mafia & LE ties (his records have been wiped).
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