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Re: TIMELINE MK, her "Comprehensive Timeline"

Postby kmik » Mon Nov 09, 2015 3:53 am

I think it is important to note that Henry's brother in law and sister,who lived in Keddie, did have small children. I think it is also important to remember that Henry's sister, Alice , was supposedly babysitting for someone on 4-11-81.

7-8-81, I contacted Alice to question her about the above information. Alice told me that Sheila stopped by her house on Lee Road, on Saturday, 4-11-81, while her (Sheila's) mother was visiting with the Meeks family. While there Sheila asked Alice to spend the night with her and they they would have a party and invite their mutual friend Kim M. and maybe some other people. Alice had to babysit that night so she couldn't spend the night with Sheila. Sheila spent a short time visiting at Alice's house that day and then left and Alice said she doesn't remember seeing her again after that.

If Alice ever told who she was babysitting that night then it was not documented here. When her mother was questioned, about Alice being invited to spend the night with Sheila, she just said Alice had something else to do that night.

While talking with Henry's mother outside, she told me that her daughter, Alice, was supposed to spend the night at the Sharp's house with the oldest Sharp girl the night of the homicide, but something happened and she couldn't make it. Alice was contacted earlier, according to the mother.
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Re: TIMELINE MK, her "Comprehensive Timeline"

Postby dmac » Sat Nov 14, 2015 6:40 pm

I pointed it out a LONG TIME ago, and repeatedly since. It's also been alleged these people were part of an acid party going on, which is supposedly why Walke/Thompson came to Keddie at 4am to begin with... Hello, is anyone listening?

Walke and Thompson were not in Keddie for any of the multiple explanations they gave to LE at the time, much less anything Walke's used since as logic. This would be the most plausible reason: Already drunk, they thought they'd show up to an acid party at 4am, even though it was held elsewhere in Keddie? Where were the kids? Sue wasn't watching them, so were they at the party, too?

Walke is horse pucky. Pull the other leg, it's got bells.

As for Alice and why she didn't attend a sleepover, you're not accounting for all the other mentions. One excuse is "mom said NO WAY", but that has never been confirmed in a document- it's just more turd on Siouxasakrapmomi Mountain. Hearsay. What isn't hearsay is Alice's earliest recollection, that Sheila visited Saturday morning, and the idea of a big sleepover party was birthed at that time by Sheila, but squelched within seconds.
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