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Case Lingo Dictionary

Postby dmac » Fri Oct 14, 2011 4:19 pm

Please post words to be added, and include your definitions. Case Lingo Dict.

When it comes to speculating on the case, go directly to:
CONFIRMATION BIAS Selecting facts that adhere to a theory, while ignoring others
OCCAM'S RAZOR The simplest path is the most logical, and every unnecessary supposition creates difficulty.

187 section of the California Penal Code, which defines the crime of murder.
10851 CA Vehicle Code, Section 10851 Theft and Unlawful Taking or Driving of a Vehicle
207 section of the California Penal Code, which defines the crime of kidnapping.
488 penal code for theft or petty theft
5150 section of the California welfare code allowing for LE to involuntarily hold persons for psychiatric concerns.
6451 number found scrawled on window sill of victim John's bedroom. Meaning unknown.
81-1644 case number assigned to the Keddie Murders
@ At, or About (when used in medical [autopsy] shorthand)
ANTERIOR in medical terminology, the front
BELDEN tiny community about 22 miles down the canyon (NW) from Keddie
BCSO Butte County Sheriff's Office
BOLO be on look-out for
BSU Behavioral Science Unit
BUTTE COUNTY county adjoining Plumas County to the west.
CAMP EIGHTEEN rural area where Tina's remains were found in April 84. 5.4 miles from Feather Falls (town), 1.25 miles from Plumas county line, elev. 3947 ft.
CHEVRON STATION just across the street from where Dana and Johnny were 'last seen'; next door to the Downtown Trailer Park (north edge)
CHP California Highway Patrol
CI Confidential Informant
CRI confidential reliable informant
CRIMLEY / CRIMELY a portmanteau of CRIM and BradLEY, the two corrupt DOJ SA BOCCI
CLAREMONT TRAILER PARK in Quincy by Gansner Field where Sharps lived upon arrival in Quincy in 1979 until moving to Keddie 11/80
DA District Attorney
DOJ Department of Justice
DOJ SA Department of Justice Special Agent
DOJ SA BOCCI Department of Justice Special Agent Bureau of Organized Crime and Criminal Intelligence
EXXON STATION Gas station at Lawrence & Crescent where majority of sightings of Dana and Johnny occur
FEATHER FALLS (town) former mill town from the 1800s, often reported as where Tina's remains were located. Elev 2980 ft
FEATHER FALLS waterfall 3.6 miles WNW of Feather Falls (town). Often mistaken for where Tina's remains were found.
fm from
FOCUSED WOUND in medical jargon, it means the wounds in question were grouped or relevant to whatever area is described
FRC Feather River College, located across the highway from Gansner Park
GANSNER PARK small recreational park half a mile north of Main & Crescent in Quincy
GOONIBI the series of lies conspired by some corrupt LE in PCSO and CA-DOJ (Ceim & Bradley) and others meant to protect both the killers from prosecution and LE's as-yet undetermined common business with said killers (yep, DRUGS)
GREENVILLE community 16.4 miles north of Keddie
HBD Had Been Drinking
KEDDIE POND small ornamental pond just northwest of the car bridge into Keddie
KKKK Keystone Kop Keddie Koverup, nickname for the stupid and blatant attempt by corrupt members of PCSO and CA-DOJ to cover up the truth.
LAWRENCE ST main westbound (one-way) thoroughfare through Quincy, one block north of Main St. Also Rt 70/89
LE Law Enforcement
LOON forum slang for the Marilyn Smartt Musgrove, meaning insane, looney
LOONIBI nickname given to the joint alibi cooked up and used by a group of killers/suspects, which includes Marty Smartt, Marilyn Smartt, John 'Bo' Boubede, Dee Lake, etc.
MAIN ST Main thoroughfare through Quincy and East Quincy. One-way eastbound through downtown Quincy. Also known as Rt 70/89
MEADOW VALLEY area / community 7.5 miles west of Quincy3
MMB forum slang for Marilyn Smartt, Marty Smartt, and Severin John Boubede. Variations: MBM BMM, same assholes
MT HOUGH Pronounced 'Huff'. Peak east of Keddie, north of Quincy, accessible from Quincy by Mt Hough Rd
MV Meadow Valley
OAKLAND PARK Oakland Feather River Camp, located 3 miles north of Quincy
PC Penal Code
PC Plumas County
PCS0 Plumas County Sheriff's Office
PDH Plumas District Hospital
PO probation officer
POI Person of Interest (most often meaning Marty Smartt- Josh's version ofthis forum at one time did not mention his name)
PoN PCSO's "Persons of Note" document, over 20 pages long.
POSTERIOR in medical terminology, the rear
R/O responding officer
R/O registered offender
R/O registered owner
RSO registered sex offender
S/ suspect
SA Special Agent
SAC Sacramento
SLYVESTER / SYLVESTER nickname for Sylvester Doug Thomas, corrupt sheriff at time of the murders.
THIN BLUE LIE taken from the film, The Thin Blue Line, the LIE is when cops corrupt justice by lying in order to protect each other from scrutiny.
TUNABI As soon as Loon moved into the Meeks home and onto Wade's quivering penis, the Loonibi shifted to make Bo and Marty the targets while lying, dismissing, Marilyn's clear involvement. Loon clearly constructed this. Nina Meeks clearly was integral to the lie. Wade must have been. All the Meeks are clouded due to their enjoyed imbibing and enforcement of the Tunabi. It's called Tunabi because everyone knew the lies stemmed from Loon fucking Wade.
V/ victim
VA Veteran's Administration (US military)
VAN GAS propane <and propane accessories> company just north of Exxon on Crescent St.
WMA White male adult
WPP Witness Protection Program, sometimes a fed op, sometimes a state op, sometimes LE just whacked them and claimed it was WPP. "Is your witness protected?" "Yeah, with six feet of dirt!"
WPRR Western Pacific Railroad
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Re: Case Lingo Dictionary

Postby Catcala » Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:12 pm

Hi I was trying to find where it talked about Sue going around trying to find other kids to sleep over. I noticed someone else asked the same thing and dmac said it was in the PoN and also a long time board member said something about it. What is the PoN? Thanx
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Re: Case Lingo Dictionary

Postby SuperHeroGirl » Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:12 am

I was not able to find out what "PoN" is but I did find the below link that states it's directly "from the PoN" (I cannot access the information because I am not authorized or I would tell you what it is). If you are a full member or authorized, you should be able to see it.

Link directly to the PoN:

I found it in this thread:

If I were more savvy I would be able to label the URL but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

Edited to add: I found it! Person of Note
There may be multiple PoNs - if there are, this is a shot in the dark that it will be the one you need but I have my fingers crossed! ;)

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Re: Case Lingo Dictionary

Postby dmac » Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:25 am

PoN, when used on the forum, refers to the PCSO 'Persons of Note' document (something like 26 pages), not specific persons of note. Due to the sensitive information in the document- mainly the fact that names of people who were simply in the lodge the night of the murders, people who were vaguely mentioned in connection to witnesses, etc- I've tucked it away so guests, newbies, and search engines can't locate the names.

Lingo dictionary updated.

The info on Sue looking for other kids to spend the night is mainly mentioned in SUE'S HUGE RED FLAG thread, which begins with the "WHERE WAS CASEY?" thread. I combined the threads because they tie in together so well... as does the "I asked Sue to go to the bar so she could leave my son unattended, just as I left my other son unattended that night".
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