Casey Interviewed?

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Casey Interviewed?

Postby leenie963 » Tue Nov 22, 2016 6:37 am

Hell of a time to be asking this with all that is going on, but while reading archives, I came across this:

From the old board:

08-08-2008, 06:14 PM
Josh also said that he had an interview with Casey wherein Casey describes the abuse Marty would heap on them when they were kids - physical, mental, throwing knives at them, etc. Josh said that Casey's demeanor during his description of the abuse led him to believe that Casey was entirely truthful.
I wonder what question Josh asked PCSO about Justin. I must have missed it if he mentioned it earlier and that forum doesn't have a search function (which is frustrating.)

Did Josh interview Casey and if so where is the information? If as an adult, Casey can describe the abuse he suffered as a child from Marty he may also be a missing link to resolving this case. Or is this false information from long ago?
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Re: Casey Interviewed?

Postby dmac » Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:01 am

Josh interviewed many people. Correction: Josh's teams of freebie workers interviewed many people, sometimes even with his involvement. He intentionally held back material when making his crapumentaries so he'd still have unused stuff for his next debacle. He also hoped by being polite to everyone and not pissing anyone off by telling The Truth, he'd curry favor and get even more interviews/material. He also didn't care enough about the crimes or victims to read what he'd stolen from LE.

Josh said many things when he had a forum. Some of them were true, others not so much. All was meant to lead on, to tease, an audience of people interested in solving the murders. The major problem with his business model is that it was a business model: He is motivated by filthy lucre, and has absolutely no empathy for the victims, nor any interest in justice for these murders or the criminal conspiracy by elements of law enforcement which followed. Josh solely wanted to make some money while fictionalizing a real-life horror story. Josh's fave movie, after all, is the original Halloween. It's not surprising his latest failed writing effort is a novel with that very film at the heart of the plot.

Did Josh talk to Casey? Dunno, but probably someone who was once a member of one of his teams did. They did manage to get Justin and Loon on film, and it's said Casey went on camera, then refused to let them release the results. We have a question posted here about said interview, with Josh's reply following.
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