"Nightmare On Spanish Creek" by Robt Scott

"Nightmare On Spanish Creek" by Robt Scott

Postby dmac » Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:29 pm

This comes from a crappy "true crime" anthology book titled, "Masters of True Crime", released in 2012. Read all the misinformation and lies in this "true" version of the story, and try to make sense of how the murders went down (and WHY) according to Robt Scott.

Then compare his fictional- yet published as non fiction- version to the deductions we've made from the actual evidence. Which makes more sense?

The sad fact this horseshit was PUBLISHED means the wiki page on the Keddie murders can be written with all of these lies considered FACTS. FUCK WIKIPEDIA.


Here's yet another intelligent blurb on the crimes, published on some site called ViralLeaks under the title, 19 Horrible unsolved crimes that shook the nation!

    In 1981 in Keddie, California, a few customers of the Sharp family members, as perfectly as just one of their family members close friends, were being bludgeoned to loss of life with hammers, with just one repeatedly stabbed. Whoever attacked them bound them with clinical tape.
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