Evidence question about Tina

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Evidence question about Tina

Postby duffyman » Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:29 am

While I fully believe that Tina was surprised in Bed and killed there, I am having trouble in my befuddled mind remembering something.

What evidence is there besides the hypnotism tale that Tina ever made it home in the first place. We know when she left to go home, but anyone who would have seen her get there is either dead, "sleeping" or in a spell of some sort.

We figure she was killed in the cabin and then taken out, but do we know that she ever set foot in there again? If she was killed before getting home, that certainly explains why she was missing. According to the timeline, she was getting home about the same time MMB are saying they are walking to the bar. I know I am missing some huge obvious thing here and I apologize for muddying the waters more than they already are.

What is the embarrassingly obvious thing I am missing here, because I know I am...
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Re: Evidence question about Tina

Postby dmac » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:28 am

From the Seabolt camp, there's the sisters and father that saw her leave. Then the reports of the sisters seeing the van parked in front of 28 at the same time Tina left... did the sisters follow Tina out, or witness her safely going into 28?

For that matter, which way was the van parked? Towards 26 or towards the Lodge? Which side of the road was it parked on? So many damned Crime 101 Qs LE screwed. The van was parked between 28 and the Bodenhams, so did LE ever ask them about it?

I think Greg was already in bed, but Rick and Justin recalled Tina coming home and quickly going to bed. Justin's account is more prominent because we have interview transcripts.

There's confusion about missing clothes and what was found at the scene. LE were reportedly looking for a pair of jeans with a rainbow on them that Tina was supposedly wearing Saturday. I haven't read up on this in a while, but I believe the assertion about jeans came from Sheila, as did details on the shoes. A pair of Levi Barnstormer jeans found in the hallway between the bedroom door and living room seem to fit that description (jeans with a rainbow) because I found Levis were using rainbows heavily on their clothes and branding around 1980


Of course, Marty's confession doesn't go away, nor does the fact blood was on Tina's bed, on the floor, on clothing, walls, and the window cardboard that covered the bottom half of her bed. All in that bedroom. Blood on Sue's bed, of course. And, just as Sue's glasses were on her nightstand, Tina's tomboy wallet was still on the cardboard nightstand between her side of the bed and the back wall. Just as Sue went everywhere with those glasses (blind without them), as soon as I saw that photo that wallet jumped out at me. My first thought was, "I bet she went EVERYWHERE with that!"

I don't think we need to look for proof Tina made it home from 27. Sue was in bed, Tina was in bed. Would Sue have been asleep in bed if Tina were unaccounted for?

What screams at me is there was definite premed, this was planned as an armed home invasion. They went in with Marty's hammer, and included Johnny's hammer when shifting the staging to make it appear all weapons/restraints came from inside 28. If MMB and any others directly involved had someone doing recon from inside a van or anywhere else, they ignored all the red flags and went into 28 with a house full of potential collateral damage. It was planned, but it was planned very poorly, and executed incredibly stupidly.
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Re: Evidence question about Tina

Postby duffyman » Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:39 am

Thanks DMAC. I knew there would be something there showing how that conclusion was made but for the life of me I could not remember. The testimony only goes so far with me because so many people have something to hide or "faulty memories". But the blood in the two separate beds and the wallet are sure proof that poor Tina was the wrong place at the wrong time. Sad thing is that "wrong place" was her own bed in her own home.

The fact she was there is proof again that Tina was not the primary target, or else she would NOT have made it home.
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